Fine Arts

Annie Temmink’s “Hat Shapes” exhibit opens on May 6 at the WVTF & Radio IQ Studio Gallery. Photo: Martyn Kyle

May First Fridays Guide

Annie Temmink is a woman of many creative talents. She is a hat and costume maker, an illustrator and an improvisational dancer. Her visually spectacular hat designs from the past year reflect a multitude of cultural influences, stemming from the work Temmink has done with craftspeople in Indonesia, Japan, India, Uganda and Tanzania. “I drew […]

After a three-year creative stint in Portland, Greg Kelly returns to direct the Charlottesville Mural Project. Photo: Ézé Amos

A new boost for the Charlottesville Mural Project

If you walk or drive past the Corner in the next few weeks, you may be surprised to see people suspended from the top floor of the Graduate hotel. These aren’t aerialists or stunt doubles for a local action movie; they’re muralists painting the latest installation of the Charlottesville Mural Project. Using a swing stage, […]

Lyall Harris’ collection of works, including Interior Landscape, will be on display at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center through April 16. Photo: Courtesy the artist

Book artist Lyall Harris grapples with complex subjects

Book artist Lyall Harris doesn’t shy away from difficult and complex subjects, but dares to approach them more closely and pick them apart piece by piece to rebuild them. “Art is a language, a place to put things, to work stuff out,” says Harris. “My conduit.” Whatever her subject, recurring themes of identity and place […]