Fine Arts

Local mask maker Matthew Gatto is closing his in-home museum of horror until he can find a new location. Photo: Ryan Jones

Matthew Gatto’s Parlor of Horrors seeks new home

When was the last time you fell asleep thinking about monsters in the other room? For most of us, that thought fades after childhood. But Matthew Gatto knows there are monsters just 10 feet away from where he sleeps. They reside in his living room or, as it’s more commonly known, the Parlor of Horrors. […]

Not everything in Graves International Art collection is on display. John and Alex Graves welcome queries on pieces not seen. Photo: Amy Jackson

The bountiful collection at Graves International Art

Charlottesville has had an active, if continually changing, gallery scene for many years, but there now seems to be a critical mass developing that could turn our maturing city into a serious art collector’s destination. With the opening of some new downtown art venues there is more reason for art lovers to make a trip […]