John Ince, a longtime StreamWatch volunteer, helps conduct a stream sample in a Greene County stream. Photo courtesy of David Hannah

New watershed assessment: Still bad, but not as bad

Though the health of the Rivanna River watershed has consistently failed to meet one of five Virginia water quality standards, a new report shows that its conditions are improving. According to David Hannah, the executive director of StreamWatch—a local nonprofit that assesses watershed health by monitoring and testing streams—32 of the 50 assessed streams failed […]

Hydrilla is nasty stuff, say Lake Anna residents. Photo by Michael Holahan

Hydrilla attack: Lake Anna battles invasive aquatic weed

Lake Anna has shown great hospitality to an unwanted guest for over two decades. Hydrilla, an aquatic weed not to be confused with the mythological nine-headed marsh serpent Hydra, has festered in its waters since 1990. The bad news (for some) is it’s spreading again. The good news (for all) is it isn’t wrapping itself […]

The new route of the Atlantic Coast pipeline goes through the heart of the South Rockfish Rural District near its Natural History Center, say critics. Photo by Peter Agelasto

More lawsuits: New pipeline route brings new legal wrangling

As local landowners continue to deny Dominion access to their private land, the power company proposing the controversial $5 billion natural gas pipeline is attempting to force its way onto additional properties, at least one with historically significant assets, with a slew of fresh lawsuits. Most of the newly filed suits stem from of the […]