Update: Reports say Kevin Quick’s body found

Kevin Quick's death came in "circumstances that could have touched any one of us," said Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo. Photo: Waynesboro Police Kevin Quick's death came in "circumstances that could have touched any one of us," said Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo. Photo: Waynesboro Police

Update: 3:17pm

According to a report by NBC12 in Richmond, the body of Waynesboro Police Captain Kevin Quick has been found in Goochland this afternoon.

Law enforcement from multiple jurisdictions had been searching Louisa County this afternoon for signs of Quick, who left his mother’s house in Afton on Friday, January 31, but never made it to his announced Albemarle County destination.

On Wednesday, February 5, police announced at a press conference that they had arrested three Albemarle County siblings in connection with the case at an Alexandria hotel.

Mersadies Shelton, 20, and her 18-year-old brother, Daniel Mathis,18, have each been charged with possession of stolen property/grand larceny relating to the theft of Quick’s SUV, a silver 1999 4Runner, according to Virginia State Police. The siblings live in the 2600 block of Barracks Road West, less than two miles from Quick’s planned destination at the Turtle Creek Apartments. Shelton and Mathis’ sister, 24-year-old Shantai M. Shelton, who lives at the same address as her siblings, was also arrested in the same location on an unrelated outstanding warrant issued by the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office.

All three have been denied bond and are being held at the Central Virginia Regional Jail. An award for information leading to Quick’s whereabouts has risen to $40,000. Anyone with information in the case should call State Police on a cell at #77 or at 434-352-7128.


  • RandomThoughts

    Freaking animals . Great job to local news sources for not reporting on the Sunday evening house invasion , pistol whipping and a person shot in Louisa , a vehicle matching the description of Kevin Quicks 4-runner was seen leaving the scene .

    VSP went so far to have a local news source report they didn’t feel the shooting was related after the info was posted on local news sources to then be censored and held while these armed violent animals were on the loose.

    I am of the opinion there are a few more needed rounded up, I don’t believe in coincidences. Mr. Quick was contacted to come to the Turtle Creek area and when he didn’t show up you would think somebody would of made a few calls when he did’t show up from what I understand was over his sick 4 month old child.

    Cell phone powered down in the Turtle Creek Rd area around 34 min after he left Afton.

    There is more to this story …..

    • Margaret Hanson Gauthier

      Yes I agree they failed to inform us of the news worthy story of what went down out in Louisa county – prior to Capt Quick’s abduction, and I also find it hard to believe the monsters were residing in Charlottesville due to the affordability of rental rates.

      • RandomThoughts

        This is the type of person the public was dealing with .

        Snipped from the Central Virginian ….

        “EC of Mineral was planning to enjoy a quiet Super Bowl evening at home with his family on Sunday, Feb. 2, but ended up having to fight for he and his family’s life.” —“But it really got scary for the family when the gunman threatened EC’s two-year-old son, when he pointed the gun toward the dining room area where the child was quietly playing with his toys.” — “Is your son’s life worth this money?”

        “…Then the gunman attempted to get EC to leave the house with him. EC believes that the man may have wanted to drive him to an ATM machine to withdraw money.”

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntd18gxdSGk Phaerisee

    Rest in Peace and Thank you for your Service.

  • boggled

    Are you saying, RT, that law enforcement and media knew that perps invaded Louisa home, threatened child, beat woman, robbed family, then left in missing Quick’s missing car and that law enforcement and media knew of these sick dangerous acts and knew perps were on loose with Quick’s SUV and they all said ZIP?

    • RandomThoughts

      You left out the part where the teenager was shot during this home invasion.. but yea pretty much the way you put it .

      Oh there was something said . When we tried to post on several local media sites about these events the post were REMOVED , HELD and re-posted days later .

      One local News Source did a follow up making a statement to the effect the Mica Rd home invasion was not believed to be connected.

      There are more of the filthy thugs in custody now . Local news are reporting .

  • boggled

    I’m shocked and saddened that local media’s coverage of violent crime is scant, shallow, weirdly incurious and halfhearted, if not misleading, with the singular exception of Courteney Stuart whose healthy curiosity about who killed who and why approximates a normal persons.
    Whether the timid and anemic C-ville Weekly will allow Stuart to do in depth investigative reporting on crime remains to be seen. Something’s not right in the lovely but homicidal-friendly (434) and somebody better find out WHY.
    Let’s hear more about these three perps like we read about Randy A. Taylor when Stuart was at the Hook, (a legitimate paper that didn’t censor critics.)
    Who are these perps, who are their friends and family members, what are their priors, and what are they doing in this area (other than abduction, threats, beatings, robbery, home invasion and murder?) Given the location of Quick’s body (Lowry and Old Columbia Rd/Goochland), location of surveillance pics and home addresses of 3 siblings, perhaps a day trip to decrepit Columbia may be in order. Take a film crew or video cam down Rt. 6, Courteney, and ask every person in that “town” to tell you everything they know about all three perps.
    Does C-ville Weekly want serious journalism that matters or does it just want to remain an unremarkable compilation of ads for wine, food, yoga and plastic surgery? This troubling case could decide that question. If this paper won’t allow you free rein to dig deeper, Courteney, then found your own crime blog because wine & cheese “journalism” isn’t journalism and your unique talent for asking hard questions about terrible crimes shouldn’t be suppressed. Also please keep digging to find out who killed Alicia Showalter, the two female Shenandoah hikers, Morgan, Sage, Alexis, Samantha and at least 7 other persons missing or dead in and around Rt. 29 corridor. Wine and cheese pass away, but Justice cries out forever. May Kevin Quick rest in peace.

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