“Saturday Night Live,” “Worst Case Scenario,” “Best Food Ever”


“Saturday Night Live” 

Saturday 11:30pm, NBC

Finally, proof that the Internet is good for something other than porn. A few months ago hipsters launched an online campaign to get comic legend Betty White to host “SNL.” More than 50,000 people got behind the movement, and it paid off: The 88-year-old former star of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Golden Girls” will host the Mother’s Day Eve episode of the venerable sketch show. Even though White has no children, she’s kind of a nana to us all—a totally awesome nana, I would add. Even though White could totally handle this by herself, the “SNL” producers are upping the ante by bringing in a bunch of great lady alums, including Molly Shannon, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler and UVA’s own Tina Fey.


“Worst Case Scenario”

Wednesday 10 & 10:30pm, Discovery

Embarrassing confession: I have this compulsion that no matter where I am—theater, restaurant, friend’s house, dentist’s office—one of the first things I do is mentally map out an escape route should something go awry. I can’t relax until I’ve done that. This is problematic for my current living situation, a sixth-floor apartment with no fire escape. I’ve had to resign myself to the fact that when the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m cadaver chow. Perhaps I’ll learn some new tricks from celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls, who has parlayed his “Man Vs. Wild” success into this new show, in which he shows us how to live through urban disasters. For instance, you learn how to best get out of a burning car, or how to outrun a pack of wild dogs. Great, wild dogs. Something else to obsess about…


“Best Food Ever” 

Monday 9pm, TLC

Americans love food shows, but I personally find them frustrating. The stuff looks so good, but I can’t actually taste any of it. For that reason this new documentary series will be especially hard to watch. “Best Food Ever” sets out to find, well, the best food ever, with episodes dedicated to outrageous sandwiches, astonishing sweets, revolutionary food carts, incredible cheeses and more. You’ll be introduced to a $100 cheesesteak made from Kobe beef, to peanut-butter French toast, and other treats. Narrating the cross-country food search is “Roseanne” star John Goodman, who knows a little something about eating.