Attorney Jeff Fogel sues the city again over stop-and-frisk records, and Westhaven resident Rosia Parker says she's been harassed by police. Staff photo

NAACP, PHAR file FOIA suit over stop-and-frisk records

The man who successfully sued Charlottesville over a panhandling law has now filed suit on behalf of the Public Housing Association of Residents and the local branch of the NAACP. Attorney Jeff Fogel said at a May 21 press conference that Charlottesville police denied his Freedom of Information Act request to see narratives of stops and […]

Reviewers have consistently said Susan Jordan's firing was unfair and UVA has consistently appealed those decisions. Photo: Ron Rammelkamp

UVA appeals nurse decision for 4th time

The University of Virginia Health System remains undaunted that three reviewers of its firing of a nurse have found the termination unfair, and will appeal for a fourth time to the Virginia Court of Appeals. Susan Jordan was fired from UVA Medical Center April 23, 2014, for looking at her ill ex-husband’s medical records “without […]

Part of a city ordinance restricting panhandling—including soliciting money with signs—from portions of the Downtown Mall has been declared unconstitutional by a federal judge. Photo: Jayson Whitehead

Panhandling payout: City to settle suit over anti-begging ordinance

The final chapter in a 4-year-old legal battle over a Charlottesville ordinance banning solicitation in certain areas of the Downtown Mall is playing out in favor of the free-speech advocates who challenged the rule. Last week, the City Council approved a nearly $126,000 settlement to the plaintiffs in the case, Albert Clatterbuck and Christopher Martin, […]