The General Assembly convened in a special session that abruptly adjourned, thanks to political maneuvering by senate democrats.

Courting disaster: Republicans pick a losing judicial fight

In our experience, the current Republican majority in the General Assembly excels at exactly one thing: grandstanding. Not great at legislating, consensus-building or acknowledging basic reality, but boy do they know how to make a ruckus. If the definition of a conservative is, as National Review founder William F. Buckley put it, someone who “stands […]

Alison Parker and Adam Ward, two WDBJ journalists, were killed August 26 during a live broadcast. Photo courtesy of WDBJ7.

Two Virginia journalists slain by former station employee

At 6:43am August 26, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department received a phone call that shots were fired at Bridgewater Plaza near Smith Mountain Lake. A reporter and cameraman from Roanoke’s WDBJ news station were killed and another victim, who was reportedly shot in the back, was taken to Carilion Clinic. At a 2pm press conference, […]

Kurt Kroboth found his name “inconvenient and embarrassing,” he said on a name 
change application. Photo courtesy of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail

Shattered Glass? Kroboth’s name change lands him in jail

If Kurt Kroboth was hoping for a better life with a new identity in California, the ex-convict received a painful surprise last week when he was arrested for a parole violation that may, ironically, have stemmed from something he put on his name change application. Kroboth is being held (under that name) without bond at […]

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Dangerous time of year on Grounds

Those heady first weeks of freedom as a college student have a name: the red zone, the time when freshman females are most at risk for sexual assault. And this year, the University of Virginia is mandating two online classes on alcohol and substance abuse, and sexual violence for both male and female students. UVA […]