Robert Harllee of Market Street Wineshops has watched an increase in Virginia wine sales at his various locations. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Changes ahead for Market Street Wineshop

After 31 years of selling wine, fresh bread, cheese and more at Market Street Wineshop from the basement level of 311 E. Market St., Robert Harllee has decided to retire. But fear not; Charlottesville is not about to lose another jewel from its quirky downtown crown: Two of Harllee’s longtime employees, Siân Richards and Thadd […]

Like most of his classmates, Jack Keaveny carries his neon green and black UnderArmor backpack around all day—nobody really uses the few lockers left at Charlottesville High School. Staff photo

What’s in my backpack

Take a look inside a backpack and you’ll get a glimpse inside its owner’s life: perhaps notebooks and pens show evidence of his favorite color, or what he likes to do in his free time. There are folders full of assignments that indicate her potential career path, a book she reads for fun and keys […]

Even if you don’t recognize the JUUL itself, which resembles a USB thumb drive, its litter is becoming increasingly common. A walk around the Corner will put you within eyeshot of hundreds of the small plastic JUUL pod containers. Photo by Mylesclark96

Students light up over JUULing

By Sam Padgett There’s a new verb hanging in the Charlottesville air: JUULing. If you have heard it, most likely from a high school- or college-aged kid, rest assured it isn’t some odd youth mining craze. A JUUL, pronounced “jewel,” is a small vaping device that can be found in nearly any local convenience […]

Evelyn Brown, a senior at Tandem Friends School, juggles schoolwork and AP classes with a ton of extracurriculars including the school’s rock band, varsity cross county (fall), basketball (winter) and soccer (spring) and musical theater. Photos by Eze Amos

Teens who do it all share their secrets to success

In today’s busy world, teenagers are cramming in as much as possible. Meet two teens who are seamlessly navigating packed schedules of school, sports, family, friends and volunteer commitments, and learn why they wouldn’t have it any other way. Evelyn Brown Senior at Tandem Friends School Classes: AP literature, AP government and politics, AP environmental […]

Farm Bell Kitchen’s owner, Ryan Hubbard, and executive chef, Jabari Wadlington, in their West Main Street eatery, which serves new Southern cuisine and is housed in a brick building constructed by Thomas Jefferson’s master carpenter. Photo by Stephen Barling

Farm Bell Kitchen honors its historic roots

By Sam Padgett and Erin O’Hare The weathered farm bell stationed outside the restaurant is a bellwether for what you’ll find inside: farm-to-table Southern cuisine. Ryan Hubbard, co-owner of Red Hub Food Co. and the Dinsmore Boutique Inn, has combined his love of preserving the past with his passion for new Southern cuisine into Farm […]

Box’d Kitchen owner Curtis Woo says combining food styles, such as putting kimchi on pizza, comes naturally. Photo by Eze Amos

Box’d Kitchen focuses on modern Mediterranean

By Sam Padgett and Erin O’Hare Box’d Kitchen, a restaurant that recently opened at 909 W. Main St. in the same block as Benny Deluca’s and Asian Express, eludes a concise description: Its Yelp page claims it serves Mediterranean food, but the decor looks Asian. And its name is reminiscent of a pizza joint, […]