Editor’s Note: Thoughts about race from the liberal, lying, lamestream media


Editor’s Note: Thoughts about race from the liberal, lying, lamestream media

One of my friends in town told me a while ago that he always liked what I wrote, but he wondered why I was not feared as an editor. I told him I was not sure, but that maybe it was because I was more interested in building the framework for conversations than expressing my own priorities. But there is more to it than that.

A few months back, I was accused of promoting hate speech because of something that ran in The Rant section of C-VILLE Weekly. A group of protesters came to the office with television cameras. I went out to meet them and to apologize and they shouted me down. One of them called me a Nazi, and others called our paper racist. It was an ironic turn for me, since I have worked as a community organizer and participated in that kind of protest. I didn’t say much at the time, but I had mixed emotions about what had happened. On the one hand I was contrite that an editing oversight the week after the Trayvon Martin verdict broke had led to hurt feelings in the black community and then to an uproar of righteous, liberal indignation mostly generated by white people.

On the other hand, I felt that our paper in my time running it had worked hard to change the discourse around race issues in Charlottesville, and I was miffed that I had gotten caught up in one of those newly-minted Facebook hurricanes that seems to drive the news weather so often nowadays. Still, I was not proud of our paper’s part in what happened, so I ate crow.

Last week, another media storm blew in the windows. This time I was accused of limiting free speech after I shut down the online comment section on a story about an alleged assault on the Downtown Mall. Our story, which Courteney Stuart reported, went viral after it got picked up on The Drudge Report. What I had read as an unresolved crime story that led into a number of complex local issues (safety on the Downtown Mall, local law enforcement, race tension, social media as a reporting tool) was reduced to an abstract by over 400,000 readers in a matter of minutes. Nationally, people took the assault as an example of black on white violence and used it to reflect on a host of conservative issues, like open carry and, to come full circle, the Obama administration’s handling of the Trayvon Martin verdict.

I shut the comments down because many of them were hateful, not in any abstract way, but very literally. You cannot say the n-word in our paper. Or call a race of people animals. Or threaten violence. The sheer volume of those kind of responses would have made deleting them a job distraction, so I closed the strand. I didn’t think twice about it.

After I made that decision, the hate-mongers turned on me. They called me names. Filled my inbox. Sent letters. A few of them even left threatening phone calls. One of them was actually scary. The ones who didn’t call me a traitor to my race said I was an enemy of free speech or a lily-livered liberal hack. I even got called a Nazi again, this time on Twitter.

All of this happened before the New Year on a Monday, and when I got in on Thursday there were people who were still wondering if I was an enemy of free speech. I am not. I am an editor of a newspaper, and typically newspapers protect the right to free speech. But that does not mean we put everything in our newspapers. If you want to call a race of people cruel names, write it on a posterboard and walk down the Mall. Don’t send it to our newspaper or put it on our website. If you want to talk seriously about race in Charlottesville, tell it like it is, but be polite about it and make an argument your neighbors can respond to.

A little context for this effusion of words. My wife and l spent a little bit more than a year living on the backwaters of the Wisconsin River in the Northwoods. I was the general assignment reporter at the Rhinelander Daily News. We had two neighbors on the river. On one side, the Wakeleys kept an out-of-town cabin. The elder Wakeley ran for Oneida County Sheriff every year and never got any votes. Before the election in 2008 he and his sons built an Obama bunker. In case the world went to hell because our country had elected a black president, they would have some canned goods and a hole to shoot out of. After we moved in, they prominently displayed a bumper sticker that read “Ignore the liberal, lying media.”

On the other side of us were the Bandows. Bill Bandow ran a surveying company that his grandfather had started before the turn of the century. Bill was a Libertarian sort of fellow of Acadian descent who worked for a Democratic county government. He didn’t want to be told what he could and couldn’t do with his dock on the river but he also didn’t want to see it ruined by vacationland seasonal residents with overcharged bass boats. In northern Wisconsin, no one talked about race; taxes, specifically for schools, was the topic that got people calling each other names. So there we were the three of us lined up in a row on a bend in the river that opened up first in the spring, inviting itinerant loons and cranes, otters and muskrats, pintails and wood ducks. We shared a view.

I have sometimes mentioned that I am a fifth generation journalist on my father’s side. I am not bragging. In fact, I would bet I am likely the fourth best newsman in that line. It is more something I relate as a way to explain the way I do my job, which is to say with a sense of the long view, so that when I get called names in the furious conversation that is media in today’s opinionated online world, it mostly rolls off of my back. In the past six months, I have been called a racist, first by liberal activists for allegedly publishing “hate speech” and last week by white supremacists for editing their hate speech out of our online comments stream.

When I was leaving the paper in Wisconsin, having reported on 20-30 stories a week for a year, I wrote an editorial, in more or less the same style I write this column, in which I told people what I thought of the issues I’d covered in the community. It generated an energetic comment stream. Some people called me, as they still do, a self-absorbed pseudo-intellectual spouting drivel. One commenter wrote to say that I would win a Pulitzer Prize when I learned to say exactly what I think.

Well, here’s what I think about being the editor of a newspaper and being called a racist by liberals and conservatives a few months apart and how that all relates to why I’m not feared as an editor. It is very difficult to be seen these days, and when you are it is usually because you moved against the grain, so that like a fish flickering in the shallows, you draw the attention of a cold eye looking for prey. I recently attended a dinner and the subject of race relations in Charlottesville came up. Some people thought the problem really didn’t exist, or if it did, that it was an unfortunate holdover from a past that we had already moved past. Other people, including myself, think the city stands at a moral crossroads.

The “race problem” in Charlottesville will solve itself in a few short years. The city’s black population is shrinking steadily, because there are not enough opportunities, culturally and professionally, for upwardly mobile African-Americans who grow up here and because those who remain poor are being priced out by the housing market and a lack of jobs. Increasingly, the city’s historic black neighborhoods will melt away, its population base concentrated around the public housing stock. When and if that stock deteriorates, federal funding evaporates, or the city implements a voucher system, its black population will drop dramatically before it levels off, probably somewhere around 10 percent.

The educated, mobile, professional class that is Charlottesville’s future doesn’t have a race problem; it is multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and not tied to local history. So the question, with regard to race in Charlottesville, is whether the city has a moral obligation to help preserve its black population or whether it should let economics and demographics create a new equilibrium in which class is the primary delineation of social conflict. And that’s a question whose answers are liable to get you called a racist by people on both sides of the issue, which may be why it doesn’t come up much.

  • the platypus

    No need for all of that. The reason you aren’t feared as an editor is that your newspaper rarely takes anyone local, who has power over what happens locally, to task for their misdeeds. Simple as that.

    C’ville for years has been the “lifestyle’ paper, not the one that covers the Harrington disappearance, not the one that told the world the story of Teresa Sullivans’s firing, not the one that looked into what was going on with the push for a bypass or an unneeded reservoir that no one has a plan to fill. The list of “nots” is lengthy. The list of “dids” long has been and still is rather short by comparison.

    I’d like to think you have it in you. I’d like to think that not because I’ve seen any sign of it, but because the thought of a once great place going to hell because no one is looking behind the curtain really troubles me. We have no real local news outlet anymore. The fact that you have Courteney Stuart on staff gives a glimmer of hope that C’ville might eventually become something worth reading for real news but there is still a very long way to go.

  • Percy Mercy

    LOL @ Giles Morris!! Call anyone who disagrees with him a “racist!” Oh well, he’ll be stuck in C-ville forever! No talent having a s s hat!

  • draysum1234

    When “N-words” stop calling themselves “N-words” I will stop calling them “N-words”. Its not a black thing or a white thing it is a “N-word” thing. And if you have not seen it yet that is how the “N-words” teach their young. I would never call a baby that or teach a baby that. Thank You.

    • Millionsix

      Nor would any civilized culture.

    • datcv

      You should hold yourself to higher standard than others hold themselves to.

  • Seriously?

    I for one appreciate that Mr. Morris shared his thoughts and gave his readers some context for what’s been happening at his organization. That’s commendable in my book – as is allowing people the opportunity to comment on it. (The paper can certainly dictate what comments appear where, and the readers can decide if there’s enough transparency to warrant supporting the paper.) Publishing the ugly comments (see below) with the positive is never easy.

    I think that some context is needed for the other side though – instead of branding everyone a hateful racist, do some investigative reporting on what’s driving people’s frustrations. For years the media has controlled the narrative in obvious defiance of facts. How many of these so called “knockout attacks” are there with black perpetrators against black victims? Give us some data, and if it’s being blown out of proportion show us. If not – don’t conceal the truth, wherever it may lead. Once upon a time, that was the call of journalism. It’s a shame to see it’s died.

    I commend c-ville for reporting on the original story, and I commend Ms. Stuart for her reporting. People who came here from the Drudge Report saw a website not afraid to simply report the facts, and that’s what people are hungry for. The follow-up story demonstrates what many of us see as the real problem. Misdemeanor assault? Why aren’t people being held to account for that? The article should tell us what they could have been charged with, so there is some context. Aren’t there aggravating circumstances in this case? If there was no evidence of racial motivation the obvious question, which doesn’t appear to be addressed, is what WAS the motivation?

    On one level this is an assault case, and the victims lives are forever changed. On another level, this represents so much that people find discouraging with the media, journalism, racial politics, law enforcement – and as such, is a tremendous opportunity for c-ville. I hope you’re all able to rise to the occasion. Best of luck.

    • SistahSoulja

      What do you mean report facts? they didnt even allow the investigation or the press release to come out before they tagged this incident as “knock out game”. They reported one parties account of the incident as “fact” which is negligent. To later learn that the severity of the accusers injuries were NONE of sort besides soft tissue bruising. What do you say about that. I’m going to say this as a Black Woman, and maybe you will understand maybe you won’t. NOT EVERYTHING IS RACIAL, BUT NOT EVERYTHING IS NOT RACIAL.”…..ok lets read it again. not everything is RACIAL but not everything is NOT RACIAL. like people here in cville want to make us blacks believe. good day to all! the cville wont be around in just a few short years. but i myself will be continuing to keep my community aware. PEACE LOVE AND HAIR GREASE!

  • Millionsix

    I see you again closed the people’s voice regarding the article on the thugs that beat an innocent couple. How cowardly.

    • datcv

      The “people’s voice” was a bunch of racists from Drudge report saying a lot of ugly things.

      • Millionsix

        The people’s voice are regular folks that are tired of the sleaze getting away with this crap because of self depreciating liberals with a guilt complex. It doesn’t matter who was there. There’s photographic and medical evidence these thugs committed assault. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. It’s not racist to point out facts.

  • Pete

    I happened to be reading the comments on the downtown mall assault and scrolled down to where they were shut down. I would’ve done the same thing- as a matter of fact I said “Right on!” Where do people get off?

    As far as the :”race problem” in Charlottesville “solving itself in a few years”, everyone in this town is part of Charlottesville’s future, not only the educated, mobile and professional class. Continued social engineering isn’t going to make people go away. I wouldn’t call you a racist here, but would say you’re incredibly naive and disengaged if you really believe that.

    The city has a moral obligation to preserve its history. It also has an obligation to serve all citizens. (if one thinks government has any obligations).

    Despite all the flak, C-ville does a bangup job!

  • Bruno Hob

    Ok Mr Morris, thanks for the communication.Look, I love C’ville as a community asset. But folks, I doubt any owner of the paper wants it grow up into a hard-nosed, progressive news-mag,with top of the line (critical rater than plug) arts reporting. Why? The don’t want the trouble and Charlottesville, a complacent, comfortable little bastion won’t support it financially. C’ville to that extent reflects the times (online !, one half-screen, ok?) and the community. Hook died, Cville is not the organ for hot-water issues. Anybody want to fund a change? (Let me know-joke). Even the Boston Phoenix died, an award winning version of what we’d want Cville to become. So good luck, Mr Morris, you are going to need it.

  • R.t. Greenwood

    “(C)ity has a moral obligation to help preserve its black population or
    whether it should let economics and demographics create a new
    equilibrium in which class is the primary delineation of social conflict”

    The city has an obligation to preserve a low prosperity population?

    Let’s let job creation economics rather than welfare creation economics find a job for everyone. And let’s emphasize personal responsibility without allowing the victim excuse.

  • R.t. Greenwood

    ““Malcolm Stevenson lifted him up and threw him to the ground.” According
    to Longo, it was Spears who allegedly punched Doucette in the head.”

    “both by parties who refused to give their names, but who described an unconscious man.”

    This is a misdemeanor much like a speeding ticket. Right.

  • Cville

    “The “race problem” in Charlottesville will solve itself in a few short years. The city’s black population is shrinking steadily, because there are not enough opportunities, culturally and professionally, for upwardly mobile African-Americans who grow up here and because those who remain poor are being priced out by the housing market and a lack of jobs. Increasingly, the city’s historic black neighborhoods will melt away, its population base concentrated around the public housing stock. When and if that stock deteriorates, federal funding evaporates, or the city implements a voucher system, its black population will drop dramatically before it levels off, probably somewhere around 10 percent.”

    is this what you thinks gonna happen or more what you want to happen?? im pretty sure that anyone who comes here and hasnt grown up here doesnt know a fucking thing about this city. and shouldnt even be able to speak on where its going.regardless of you being so fearless, would you say something like this to any of these black community’s faces? or is this just for attention cuz you “speak your mind” . also take those glasses off too when you speaking to us through an article. If this shit isnt racist i dont know what is.

    • the platypus

      Since when is wearing glasses racist?

      • Cville

        the paragraph i posted in ” ” is racist, you knew what i ment all that school money wasted. more fuckery.

        • the platypus

          The statement from Mr. Morris’s that you quote is perfectly understandable and he does seem to have some grasp of what is happening in Charlottesville re: population shift. Your own commentary on what he had to say is so badly written that it is pretty damn near impossible to figure out what you “ment.” The only thing that I could take away from it is that you wanted to find something you could call racist and you chose glasses for some reason that is still not clear. One other thing that is clear is that didn’t “waste” any money on education.

          • Cville

            You understood everything i said,now youre upset …also read this back to yourself. ” One other thing that is clear is that didn’t “waste” any money on education.” please shut the fuck up moron. you wrote it not me. Youre trying to defend subliminal racists comment.

          • the platypus

            I’m not at all upset that you write like a 12 year old who doesn’t even know what she’s angry at. In fact, I hope that’s who you are because if you don’t have that as an excuse then you really are in a sorry state.

            I was very confused as to what you were trying to say in your first comment but with each additional comment you make it more and more clear that you don’t have a point to make.

            You really just want to throw that word “racist” around for some reason, but you don’t seem to even know what it means let alone how to use it in a sentence. Ask your English teacher for help next time. I’m sure she will be glad to help.

          • Cville

            its clear youre all racists and if you keep on replying im gonna find you.

          • the platypus

            C’ville, guest, SistahSouljah, “disguisted,” whatever you want to call yourself, and it’s pretty obvious that all of those posts come from the same person, your problem isn’t race, it’s ignorance.

            You write like an uneducated moron. Unless you work to change that, there is simply no way I could hire you to work for my company. I need people with more than minimum communication skills. You simply don’t measure up.

            Further, your logical skills are pretty undeveloped as evidenced by your various comments. You wrote “you consider us minorities in a country that you didn’t even discover but felt entitled to.” Do you even know what the word minority means? If you do, then why don’t you use it correctly?

            You don’t seem to understand the basic fact that you can use a dictionary to look up the meaning and spelling of a word. Your use of “disguisted” alone would tell me that I ought to throw your job application in the trash and I couldn’t care less what color your skin, eyes, car, underwear, or anything else are.

            Your internet tough guy game is the final nail in your coffin. Sorry dudette no one wants to hire a douchebag particularly one that doesn’t have a clue about how the internet works. And you want to inherit the fruits of my hard work??? I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying!!!!

          • RandomThoughts

            Really lol

            How weird .

          • Cville

            whats your name?

    • RandomThoughts

      “also take those glasses off too when youre speaking to us through an article. If this shit isnt racist i dont know what is.”

      WOW, I guess I gotta leave my sunglasses at home , Thanks for letting me know yet again something else that is racist .

      Scratches head .

      • Cville

        same for u,are u sure its not your ass youre scratching.

        • RandomThoughts

          I had no reason to twist your words .

          You did a bang up job yourself .

          Carry on

          • Cville

            please tell the black community its melting to there face and see if you get the same reaction behind your computer hahahahaha clowns in offices,all that book smarts and no common sense. and now i know youre that foolish looking kid with your shades on that wrote this shitty article . carry my nutts .

          • Cville

            But forgive me i wont go down to the ignorance you want me to throughout an article. Just saying you should really take more care of your words. i wont be responding because anything else is pointless.

          • the platypus

            Dudette, you have a lot of work ahead of you if you hope to rise to the level of mere ignorance.

          • Cville

            im above it why dont you come up.

          • RandomThoughts

            This is a post to your comment awaiting approval below this one . Maybe you can edit the post so it will pass the auto moderator .

            Facts are not racist .

            Fact, Section 8 housing is the largest majority of the “black community ” in Charlottesville and has been for over 40 years since the government housing was built . VERY little has changed and the trend is, well trending the same as it was 40 years ago . When the funding for the section 8 dries up as will the black population start to dwindle .

            FACT are FACTS

          • Cville

            whats your name?

          • RandomThoughts

            Calm down Boo Boo .

            First and foremost don’t blame the author of this story for something I said . I am far from that left-wing moondbat liberal hugging hippie.

            I am on the downtown mall quit often ,since around 1999.

            For some reason I have never had a single thug wanna jump up 🙂 .

            It’s been my experience your type only run in packs and never attempt to stand up to a Man face to face … your type prefer the old coward sucker punch . Typical of a weak and scared mind .

            Keep banging that keyboard girl and stay safe .

          • SistahSoulja

            Its called institutionalized racism. Its real whether or not you want to accept it or not. Your Facts are facts indeed, but your FACTS are UNNATURAL because what allows things such as low-income housing to be destroyed by the housing market is an agenda to make money! of course people like you who are so shamelessly disconnected to disenfranchised populations want to cover your racist attitudes up with this bs “social engineering” fact promoting, all the while failing to realize the bigger picture of INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM. Class instead of race may become the topic of dinner but the foundation underneath that will always be RACE! when a person walks into an interview they may can hide what “class” they belong to, but they can never hide the stigmas attached to their black skin!!! stop hiding behind your facts and embrace your disconnect and racist views! what a loser. If your going to devalue and question our role to preserve the Black race, Why don’t you question our role to preserve any other race here in charlottesville. ?

          • Guest

            Like i said troll,whats your name?

          • RandomThoughts

            Here we go , the ol Critical Race Theory = Everything is whities fault.

            Some things never change and many wonder why their place in life doesn’t .

            “You get what you put in. And people get what they deserve”. Kid Rock


          • Cville

            stay small

          • SistahSoulja

            even your replies are sickening, gross. and i bet you think your a good person.

          • RandomThoughts

            I know I am a good person , I live my live on a simple rule .

            DO NO HARM !

          • Cville

            like i said troll,whats your name?

          • Cville

            “It’s been my experience your type only run in packs and never attempt to stand up to a Man face to face … ”

            if youre calling me out,whats your name let me know where we could meet you old racist fuck.

          • RandomThoughts


          • Cville

            stay troll scrawn

          • Cville

            ” If this shit paragraph isnt racist i dont know what is.” you cannot read ,stop.

  • readerreader

    It was irresponsible of the Cville Weekly to run a story linking the DTM attack to the so-called Knockout Game on the basis of an offhand remark made by Jeanne Doucette. And you did imply that by putting “Knock Out” in the title. Courtney Stuart should apologize for that and so should you. If you had not run that story, I doubt David McNair would have come back with “No Knock Out,” an arguably even more irresponsible and insipid story implying the attack was a response to homophobic hate speech. Both “sides” in this coverage have behaved ridiculously, and only the Daily Progress managed to stay above the fray.

    Your coverage of these events has been speculative and inflammatory. Only with the last Stuart story have we begun to see anything like measured reporting. With its incendiary initial coverage, the Cville Weekly is pretty much single-handedly responsible for this story being picked up and circulated by racists. Does that mean you are racist or your paper is racist? No. But think about what your words do in the wrong hands. Report the facts. And for heaven’s sake, don’t go suggesting that a (racist) urban legend like the Knockout Game is real, and occurred in this case, without any evidence. Doucette could have made that accusation all on her own without sullying the good name of your paper.

  • SistahSoulja

    This is what i think i really have a problem with his last paragraph…..the :”race problem” in Charlottesville “solving itself in a few years”, everyone in this town is part of Charlottesville’s future, not only the educated, mobile and professional class. Continued social engineering isn’t going to make people go away. The city has a moral obligation to preserve its history. It also has an obligation to serve all citizens. …..he said that as if we all dont know the people he is assuming are at the top are the educated professionals dont have problems but we all know those people are the ones not opening opportunities and keeping that social wealth at the top and those people tend to be whites and there are instances of racism and classism ..its like he is implying that poor uneducated folks are the ones with the race problem….and we know that a huge concentration of poor uneducated folks come from minority groups…

  • SistahSoulja

    and im not done yet! his perspective of social darwinism and even putting out these type of thoughts are counterproductive to fighting for social equality here in cville they are the only paper media outlet here locally that survived and he chooses to promote and bring up the question to his audience of should we even care about racial diversity here? its pointless and ignorant. how bout we question why there are no opportunities here and how we can make it a city where blacks can thrive stay here be successful and make generations of successful multiethnic and cultural kids

  • disguisted

    Im so tired of white people thinking that we have equal opportunity in life because they often give us just enough rope to hang ourselves with…yea you will employ us but will you give us advancement opportunities great enough for us to eventually own a part in your company?? No! You overlook us even being well qualified to pass your businesses to a family member (cville and their “old money” concepts)…you stereotype us based on the masses…you consider us minorities in a country that you didn’t even discover but felt entitled to…we live in a freaking town where an average student cannot attend uva with no less than a 3.5 gpa UNLESS their family members were alumni who give generous donations…you still view middle class black families as no greater than poverty stricken niggers who are polluting your translucent socioeconomic beliefs with ignorance when you look in crime times and the white to black ratio is equal non the less….its just pathetic. ..truth be told Cville is not the place for blacks to progress this place will always be a set back smh

    • RandomThoughts

      I agree , it’s not equal opportunity , blacks often are chosen even if less qualified to appease the public and politically correct police .

      As with everything in life you have a free CHOICE to move away and maybe find a job working for a BLACK owned company who will overlook their family members and just pass it onto you .

      As far as crime statistics , we wont even go there as I am sure if you are chapped over the obvious you will hate the cold hard truth about blacks and violent crime holding a small minority of the population.

      Sitting around waiting on somebody to GIVE you something be it enough rope or an opportunity doesn’t always cut it . Sometimes you got to get out there and prove yourself and earn it .

      • the platypus

        The hiring of Maurice Jones as Charlottesville’s City Manger is an excellent example of someone being given a job over other more qualified applicants. With only a bachelors degree in a completely unrelated subject and little actual managerial experience he was among the least qualified of the applicants for the job but he had inside connections and he had the right skin color at the time.

        The city even gave Jones a huge bonus over his already inflated salary (there were also interest free loans for housing) by offering to pay for him get a master’s degree They were obviously willing to let him take time from his work to get that training. Many of the other applicants already had at least that level of training and more experience.

        It’s not saying much, but least Jones was a better choice than Rochelle Small-Toney. Thank God that disaster was gone from her position as assistant City Manager when the top job came up. Her record (google my friend!) following her departure shows what we missed. The big question though is what ever qualified her for he job working for the city of Charlottesville. You guessed it! And, she had the added benefit of being a woman at the right time. Diversity is great, but lets start with competence and go from there.

        • RandomThoughts

          Equal opportunity , not results !

          So much for MLK wanting someone judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

          Sweet Mother of Jesus I just did a little read up on Rochelle Small-Toney… What a piece of work she was.

      • SistahSoulja

        Who is waiting around waiting for anyone to “give” them something, i am a black woman a college graduate, 4.0 professional licenses under my belt, a social activist a productive member of charlottesville city, an employee of many different establishments around here, ive been a food runner, a customer service clerk, all the way up to a bus driver and a counselor for at-risk youth, im working on a master’s. i apply myself and I STILL HIT THAT GLASS CEILING. people in my community doing right or not hit that racism that inhibits up from wanting to be apart of cvilles community. Do you think its because we all sit on our asses. ? People of all ethnities make poor decisions , wrong decisions, are on government assistance. But are you questioning and devaluing their role in this town. NO ! because that wouldn’t cause a controversy. that’s not what racist think about. they only think about and scrutinize the flaws of the black community not realizing that they have no understanding of the adversities, and the inferiority complex that the black community is plagued with. You think just because we can get a few high positions here and there, that we are not still building our self esteem and dependency on the white man from centuries ago. Or are you scrutinizing us because we haven’t gained prosperity and wealth fast enough to your standards? Stop belittling the role that racism still plays in charlottesville when you damn sure cant speak from experience! what a jerk

  • disguisted

    Sloppy journalism at its best! If we are going to talk about demographics id like to hear it from the perspective of a native….your not even a local and you haven’t pounded the pavement for facts you pulled this out of your ass and based your article on opinion…..oh and ie: you look like a complete douche bag kind sir…where is the professionalism? Is this how you want your readers to view you? You look like a under worked back up dancer…..

  • Chyna

    Reading that just plan irritated me. From the authors rationale for the disappearance of black neighborhoods to the “question” as to whether or not the city has a moral obligation to preserve the black community, is just plain appalling. Viewpoints like that, and the history of racism in the Charlottesville area in my opinion is the primary reason for the reduction in the rates of blacks in the area. You can also see that the author is not a native of Charlottesville. His belief that Charlottesville’s future, is not tied to it’s past, is naive. The idea that Black neighborhoods just “melt away” is ridiculous. Ask any Black resident of Charlottesville and they will tell you that they were either taken or sold by youth blacks who realize that there are communities outside of Charlottesville where they are respected and seen as productive members of society. The new Charlottesville residents come into town with a belief that Charlottesville is something that it is not and push those those who they deem to be OTHER, or outside their idea of what Charlottesville is, out, and those individuals tend to be Black.

    • the platypus

      You seem to be same person who keeps posting the same thing under different names. At least this time you have put a bit more effort into writing in something like sentences.

      Mr. Morris’s rationale for the loss of the city’s black population: “The city’s black population is shrinking steadily, because there are not enough opportunities, culturally and professionally, for upwardly mobile African-Americans who grow up here and because those who remain poor are being priced out by the housing market and a lack of jobs.”

      If you can, please explain what’s incorrect about that sentence. Added bonus points if you can also make the case that it is a racist statement.

      If someone has an obligation to preserve the area’s black population;
      1. Is that the government’s obligation? Whose then if not the government’s?
      2. Wouldn’t that suggest that there is an obligation to preserve the white population as well? That argument has been made and is still being made by many many people. If there is no obligation to preserve a white population, then why is there an obligation to preserve any population?

      Do keep in mind that most of Charlottesville’s “black” neighborhoods didn’t start that way but only became that as the city’s population shifted in the middle of the 20th century. The property owners have also largely been absentee landlords, not the people living in those areas. It isn’t “youth blacks” who sold those houses, it’s investors who made their money by renting houses that they took little care of who then sold them when values began to skyrocket in the city. Funny, seems like a native who knows so much would have known that.

      Once “Friendship Court” gets redeveloped the city’s black and poor population is going to drop even further. That’s coming up sooner than you might think, and there is just no way that anyone who puts mega-millions into that property is going to be doing it so poor people have a place to live. Again, no need to be a native to see that coming.

      • SistahSoulja

        You clearly have no life if you can monitor who is posting what. Get one! internet troll

        • the platypus

          You mean you write stuff with no expectation that anyone will read it?

          Care to respond to anything I had to say or are you just going to keep playing the feel sorry for me card and hope people will cave in and give you everything you with you offering nothing in return?

          • SistahSoulja

            nope. don’t care to. you have bad energy. i have no love for internet trolls hiding behind “facts” just so they can say there not racist or disconnected with minority issues. Guess what talked to a white supremacist 60 years ago he said. “niggers can’t read, i’m not racist im just stating facts”…….all the while failing to realize why we couldn’t read. INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM, look it up!

          • SistahSoulja

            Last comment before i go back to my life of empowering all parts of my community….a.k.a the life that i have. I actually sat and read all that you took your precious time to write. and i’m not even going to say your a racist. it’s evident that you are scared.! you are scared that the white race won’t be preserved? awwww how sweet.? when someone uses troll tactics to insult a person’s intelligence over the internet like pointing out when they spell words wrong, or you used this word when you should have said this. They have to be a weirdo. or hold on let me say wierdo so you can call me unintelligible. ill wait…….*rolls eyes* get a life with some meaning platypus. three thumbs down to you

          • the platypus

            None of that has anything to do with your initial argument, which you seem unable to remember let alone actually argue in favor of.
            I ain’t white baby. Why would I care if the “white race” is preserved or not. You know what they say about assumptions don’t you?

          • SistahSoulja

            …………*yawns*…..you’re still boring me. hours later and you’re still boring me. Come back when you have some ideas on unity and empowerment for all races. not scrutiny for one. ADD ANOTHER THUMB DOWN thats 4 for you buddy.

          • the platypus

            You can’t think well enough to advance a halfway decent argument in support of your own assertion yet your failures in life are someone else’s fault. Sucks to be you I guess. There’s always fast food work for you, See you at the drive through.

  • Jeff Winder

    Mr. Morris, It’s amusing that your feelings are hurt over people not recognizing that you and Cville are doing such good work to turn the tide in the racial discourse. Maybe if you adhere to some basic journalistic standards of research and investigation before running a racially charged story it will help. The “knock-out game” is a term of controversial validity at best (one that has been acknowledged as little more than urban myth by law enforcement officials and other news outlets across the country) and at worst a cynical race-baiting term best used for inflaming fears and increasing one’s capacity to sell advertising space regardless of the actual human impacts – of the impact on racial discourse that exists in the real world outside of your self-aggrandizing imagination.

    Also amusing is that you were “miffed” that you had gotten caught up in a “newly-minted facebook hurricane.” Again, there is a simple solution – if you don’t want to get caught up in them, don’t create them. You say “n” word is forbidden in your paper, ever. But it is OK (you did justify printing such trash when you talked with us in person) for your paper to print “black MF”. Don’t like the backlash? Don’t print things that dehumanize a huge part of our community because we will keep it coming. Instruct your staff to research stories instead of printing sensationalistic hearsay masquerading as professional journalism. It was you and Courtney Stuart that put yourselves firmly into the middle of this current little hurricane.

    Your closing question is no question at all to anyone who is not a sociopath and your assertion that “The educated, mobile, professional class that is Charlottesville’s future doesn’t have a race problem;” reflects a profound ignorance of how structural racism works. Educate yourself on the topic. Develop some humility. Please.

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