Gang presence: Charges mount in Kevin Quick case as police confirm identity of remains

Kevin Quick's death came in "circumstances that could have touched any one of us," said Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo. Photo: Waynesboro Police Kevin Quick's death came in "circumstances that could have touched any one of us," said Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo. Photo: Waynesboro Police

Authorities have confirmed that a body found on Thursday, February 6, in Goochland County near the Fluvanna County line is Kevin W. Quick, the 45-year-old Nelson County man missing since Friday, January 31. In the week since he disappeared after leaving his mother’s Nelson County residence and failing to arrive at his planned Albemarle County destination, five individuals have been arrested in connection with the case.

In addition to a brother and sister from Albemarle County charged in connection with Quick’s stolen Toyota 4Runner, three people from Northern Virginia were arrested on Thursday and charged with principal in the second degree to the crime of murder, a charge that means they were involved with his death but not directly responsible. Those three suspects, Gert Wright, aka Halisi Uhuru, 22, of Gamble, Virginia; Leslie Casterlow, 49, of Manassas; and Anthony D. Stokes, 31, of Manassas, are all also charged with gang participation, according to Virginia State Police.

If the idea of organized gangs in Central Virginia seems surprising, it shouldn’t, according to Albemarle Police spokesperson Carter Johnson, who says there are 183 verified gang members in the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, and police suspect the number of active gang members is higher. In addition to numerous “homegrown” gangs, Johnson said there are more than half a dozen national gangs with branches that reach into the Charlottesville community.

“The Bloods are the largest gang with numerous sets,” said Johnson. Other national gangs active locally include the Crips, MS13, the Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, 18th Street, and Sureno 13, according to Johnson.

State Police have been tightlipped about the investigation, which has involved assistance from numerous agencies including the FBI. According to State Police, Quick, a captain in the Waynesboro Police Reserve Unit and the father of an infant daughter, was last seen in Nelson County around 10:15pm on Friday, January 31, and was headed to a friend’s apartment in the Turtle Creek Apartments off Hydraulic Road. According to search warrants obtained by NBC12 and other media outlets, his Verizon cell phone was turned off at 10:52pm on Friday night, and he never arrived at his destination.

In the days that followed, police released surveillance images of a person of interest and announced that Quick’s 4Runner had been spotted in Manassas and Fork Union.  It was recovered after being abandoned in Mineral, Virginia, on Monday morning, February 3. The following day, 18-year-old Daniel Mathis and 20-year-old Mersadies Shelton were arrested in an Alexandria hotel room. Their sister, 24-year-old Shantai Shelton, was also arrested at the same time on unrelated charges.  All three are being held without bond in the Central Virginia Regional Jail.

Two days later, Uhuru, Casterlow and Stokes were taken into custody. They are being held in the Henrico County jail and will appear in court on February 10. Police have not released Quick’s cause of death.

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  • RandomThoughts

    Another productive member of society taken away by the culture of violence .

    Two of the most recent thugs arrested have a very nice criminal past starting when they were teenagers and just recently were released from federal prison. I am willing to bet these animals were birthed , housed , fed , took up space and resources in the education system and of course their prison stay came on the taxpayers backs .

    The same taxpayers who get to become victims to garbage like these thugs .

  • RandomThoughts

    With the most recent arrest overnight of Anthony L. White I feel more comfortable going ahead and grouping this bunch of thugs together . at least 6 of the seven arrested are affiliated with the “Bloods” gang . Two and maybe a third arrested were just recently released from prison. I was at a loss in trying to understand Corinne Geller explain the charges , I am of the opinion so was Geller . I feel this bunch may be lining up to be tried under the Virginia murder doctrine and Capitol crimes should apply .

    What I find very disturbing is after reading some intelligence from the Virginia State Police FUSION CENTER that includes Gang intelligence in the Charlottesville area back to at least 2008 ,this particular Bloods gang have some similarities of initiation with not only the most recent event of the death of Officer Quick , but other crimes that seem to be on the rise in the Charlottesville area.

    Snippets from the report .

    -Bloods gang members have been known to routinely target law enforcement and criminal justice personnel for retaliation or as part of an initiation process. Upon initiation, new members may have to commit crimes including assault and robbery to prove their loyalty and worth to the gang.

    -Bloods recruit heavily from the African American youth population.Most Blood sets require a life long commitment, known as “Blood In, Blood Out,” meaning to join the gang and to leave a member must shed blood.

    -Blood sets have been using two primary methods of recruitment to add new members. The first method targeted incarcerated young men who were initiated into the Bloods while in prison. Upon release, the newly recruited individuals were expected to begin recruiting within their neighborhoods.

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