Frank Fairfield makes a quiet return to the Downtown Mall

Frank Fairfield makes a quiet return to the Downtown Mall

Old-time-music enthusiasts who missed Frank Fairfield‘s appearance in town two weeks ago, as well as fans eager for a second helping, are in for a pleasant surprise.

We spotted the distinctive Fairfield — hard to miss, with his vintage suite, pomade-ed hair, and a mustache worthy of Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood — busking on the Downtown Mall this afternoon, entertaining cold passers-by with century-old fiddle tunes.

The whims of a traveling musician have apparently landed Fairfield in Charlottesville again for a few days, and he’s struck up a residence at the Southern Café and Music Hall, playing tunes in the venue’s bar area, Wednesday through Friday (November 28th – 30th).

It’s an extra treat for attendees of those concerts (David Wax Museum on Wednesday, the Last Bison and Hill & Wood on Thursday, and the Steel Wheels on Friday) but curious passers-by can check it out as well, as the Southern’s front bar area doesn’t require paid show admittance. Fairfield seemed unsure of precisely what time he’d be performing, but his vast repertoire ensures he’ll find a captive audience whenever and wherever he strikes up a tune.

For more on Fairfield, check out Andrew Cedermark’s homage published last year.