Fluvanna County Public Schools

Fluvanna County Public Schools

Fluvanna County Public Schools

The Fluvanna County Public School system is comprised of five schools: Carysbrook Elementary, West Central Primary, Central Elementary, Fluvanna Middle School, and Fluvanna County High School. All of Fluvanna’s schools are fully accredited. Fluvanna County Public Schools will:
• Provide a quality education to all students.
• Build a culture that is conducive to learning in a safe and nurturing environment.
• Foster relationships with our community.
• Operate in an effective and efficient manner.

Student enrollment is a little over 3,800 students with a targeted student-teacher ratio of 22:1. The school system offers a variety of student programs including special education, gifted and talented education, career and technical education, and alternative education. Parental involvement is high, as is the school system’s expectation of its students.

Fluvanna County Public Schools Points of Pride (2012-2013 FCPS points of pride are located at www.fluco.org):
• Fluvanna County High School finished 17th at the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals.
• 18 Students from Fluvanna County Public Schools participated in the Regional 24® Math Competition. One student placed first and another placed fourth
• For the second consecutive year, Fluvanna County High School earned a Silver Medal in U.S. News and World Report’s rankings of Best High Schools in America.
• Over 500 Fluvanna County High School students earned Industry Credentials during 2012-2013 school year.
• Fluvanna County Public Schools graduation rate surpasses the State average.
• Fluvanna County Public Schools has one of the lowest dropout rates in the State of Virginia.
• 19 former and current Fluvanna County High School students earn AP Scholar Awards; one awarded College Board’s highest Honor of National AP Scholar.
• Fluvanna County High School continues to outperform the Nation in the area of English on both SAT and AP exams.
• The Television Production class at Fluvanna County High School added a new component to their curriculum: FLUCO TV, FLUCO TV includes broadcasting home football games as well as broadcasting at least one other home event for the other sports. FLUCO TV has also started broadcasting the monthly School Board meetings. In addition to these events, FLUCO TV is developing a Fluco magazine show which will highlight events, people, and courses at the High School. Future plans are underway for cooking and carpentry shows. The group hopes to invite community members to come in and participate in their broadcasts.

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