Day two: Free parking!

Day two: Free parking!

There may be a whole slew of walking area blocked off for construction—the 200 block on the west end, the 100 and 300 blocks on the east end—but the city delivered one good piece of news today: Free parking for up to four hours!

The Charlottesville Parking Center released a statement this afternoon announcing that the free parking program will extend through April 26, due to the success of the December trial program.

You can park here for free… if you spend money Downtown.

Saturdays and Sundays*, the Market Street and Water Street parking garages will accept receipts as a proof of purchase from a Downtown business for up to four hours of free parking.

The release encourages Mall shoppers to "enjoy our Signature Shops, Remarkable Restaurants and Extraordinary Events during the Mall Refurbishment. We invite you to Shop Charlottesville and enjoy all that Downtown has to offer." Or at the very least, enjoy what’s left outside of those green barriers.

Is the rebricking deterring you from visiting the Mall?



*Corrected 01/07/2009: We originally stated that the free parking would last all week, but we were mistaken. It will be during the weekend only. In our defense, the press release reads: "The program will include all day Saturdays and Sundays." That seems to imply it lasts all week, including Saturdays and Sundays, no?