Charlottesville street style: Girls who wear glasses


Photo: Sean Santiago Photo: Sean Santiago
Photo: Sean Santiago

I caught Ph.D. student LIZ on West Main Street as she was making her way Downtown to meet friends. Her H&M dress was a gift from a friend, and her watch was on loan for the day from her girlfriend. Liz cites the movie Holiday, starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant, as her style inspiration. “[Hepburn] wears the most beautiful evening gown ever in that movie…from the front it looks like a Mormon nun sewed it, but from the back there’s this amazing long slit from the button at the nape of the neck all the way down to the lower back. It makes it clear that she’s not wearing any underwear underneath and it’s incredibly sexy! People don’t know how to do that anymore,” Liz said.

Photo: Sean Santiago

I saw MARY on the Downtown Mall and was intrigued by her DIY style. The visiting Richmond native works in photography and is pursuing degrees in creative writing and fashion illustration. Of her style, she said she likes “nerd things,” and tries to display her varied interests in her outfits. “I like to get things and modify them, like this vest.” Her punk ingenuity is reflected in the work and spirit of the British icons she cites as inspirations, late designer Alexander McQueen and model-turned-actress Agyness Deyn. Mary is wearing “really old” Urban Outfitters jeans and $5 sneakers, and decorated her modified Star Wars vest with pins from Rumors Boutique in Richmond.

Photo: Sean Santiago

I came across ARLEY on the Downtown Mall looking summer-chic in high-waisted shorts and a striped tank, though she said of her look, “I felt a little cheesy when I got dressed this morning because I’m wearing boat shoes and an anchor!” The nautical references don’t read too literal to casual passersby, though, who will most likely be focused on the perfect fit of her shorts—and those arms! Arley wears shorts and shoes from Urban Outfitters, a watch from Target, and jewelry borrowed from her roommates. The purse was bought at a thrift store.