Charlotte-bound: Going to the Democratic National Convention

Charlotte-bound: Going to the Democratic National Convention

Greetings! Cartoonist and occasional political blogger Jen Sorensen here. Some of you C-VILLE faithful may recall my coverage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. Well, I had so much fun last time that I’m doing it again.

On Saturday I leave for Charlotte, where I’ll spend the better part of next week immersing myself in the hoopla surrounding the renomination of Barack Obama. I’ll be blogging, tweeting, posting cellphone photos, and hopefully drawing some cartoons as I have time.

While it’s true that the outcome of the convention is a foregone conclusion, I’m fascinated by the details surrounding it. It’s a Big Spectacle bordering on the surreal, with plenty of behind-the-scenes wackiness. One moment, you’re brushing past Jimmy Carter; the next, you’re photographing a midwestern delegate in a giant corncob hat. Some real drama is sure to unfold too, as protesters of various stripes collide with extremely robust security forces.  So, watch this space!


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