Who is that masked man?
Photo: Jack Looney

Mascot unmasked

Three students who graduated from the University of Virginia last weekend additionally gave up their coveted positions as Cav Man, the University’s official game day mascot. Though the students who assume the Cav Man role are anonymous, Sam Meredith, class of 2015, revealed his identity as one of the masked men. In an interview with […]

Attorney Jeff Fogel sues the city again over stop-and-frisk records, and Westhaven resident Rosia Parker says she's been harassed by police. Staff photo

NAACP, PHAR file FOIA suit over stop-and-frisk records

The man who successfully sued Charlottesville over a panhandling law has now filed suit on behalf of the Public Housing Association of Residents and the local branch of the NAACP. Attorney Jeff Fogel said at a May 21 press conference that Charlottesville police denied his Freedom of Information Act request to see narratives of stops and […]

Zan Tewksbury, who did not return a call for comment, resigned as head of Charlottesville’s Office of Human Rights earlier this month. File photo

Human Rights Commission under scrutiny after staffer’s resignation

The abrupt departure of the staffer in charge of implementing Charlottesville’s 2-year-old civil rights ordinance has set the volunteer Human Rights Commission (HRC) that worked with her office on the defensive, but some involved with the creation and oversight of the city’s anti-discrimination efforts say there’s reason to be optimistic. Zan Tewksbury resigned from her […]