C-VILLE Kids! On the mom front: Take a lesson


Kids may say the darndest things, but you could learn a lesson or two from your tot. When it comes to eating, exercising, and even beauty, they’ve got the right idea. Quick! Get a pen!


Make your pointe

Mark our words: Ballet will be the next big thing in fitness. Its health benefits—the same ones your little one gets at her weekly class—include better posture and flexibility and it even improves your brain function. The Charlottesville Performing Arts School and Virginia Ballet Company both offer classes for adults.

Think small

Portion control is a no-brainer for shedding those last few post-baby pounds. Keep these sizes in mind when you fill up your plate: Salad dressing or olive oil shouldn’t exceed two tablespoons (the size of a shot glass), pasta or rice shouldn’t exceed the size of a baseball, meat shouldn’t exceed the size of a deck of cards, and try to limit your bread consumption to just one slice (equal to the size of a CD case) per meal. Just don’t go as far as actress Elizabeth Hurley, who allegedly eats off a child-sized plate and uses little utensils. “It’s a psychological trick I use on myself,” she said. “It makes me less likely to overindulge, because it still looks like a good-size portion.” That might be a bit, pardon the pun, excessive.

Get back to your roots

Wondering what hair color works for you? Dig up a photo from your childhood and have your hairstylist recreate it. That original color—y’know, way before that horrific dye job in college—is likely the best match for your skin tone.