Best of C-VILLE 2013: Vote for your favorites!

Best of C-VILLE 2013: Vote for your favorites!

These are your finalists!

You nominated more than 480 of your favorite people, places, and things in Charlottesvile in the Best of C-VILLE Primaries. Now, vote the best of the best into the winners’ circle. Vote now until midnight on Sunday, June 30. Best of C-VILLE 2013 hits stands Tuesday, August 20.

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  • Tammy L Smith


  • Katy Hart

    please add a category for Best Dog Park

  • PW

    Hot 101.9 Baby!!

  • RS

    You need to add a category for Best Dog Trainer

  • Pp

    Circa as best antique store?, are you kidding me? That’s a junk warehouse category!, there is the level in this town

    • CTB

      I agree, Circa doesn’t have any antiques, but it would be a second hand store category or more in the cheap furniture category. Covesville Store and Consignment House would be good options for antiques. I am surprise Kenny Ball is not mentioned.

  • Anne

    WNRN is 91.9 FM. Little typo! 🙂

  • Hunter

    Brewery category says ‘cidery.’ Thanks!

  • Debby

    Can’t go beyond question 21?????

    • Kerry

      same issue, keeps cycling back to the registration page after the first page of finalists

      • Debby

        Glad I am not the only one having the problem. I posted on FB too!

    • Giles Morris

      Thanks Debby. We are working on it now.

      • Debby


  • Ares

    Why only three insurance provider options?

  • Giles Morris

    OK folks. We think we’ve fixed the ballot glitch. Please let us know if it’s still not working properly.

  • Rachel Casebolt

    Nuckles Salon. Not Knuckles. 🙂

  • Giles Morris

    Thanks Rachel, Ann, and Hunter for your corrections. Please keep them coming folks so we can get a clean ballot in print next week.

    • Meredith

      Hi, “Garrick Aiden” in the Financial Planner category should be “Garrick Alden with Wells Fargo Advisors” (the Advisors office is separate from the bank). Thanks!

  • Dawn Jarvis

    Burnt Mill Band would be good for local bands…They rock!

  • Ian

    For #59, Do you mean Best Thai food?

  • los626

    Okay where is PetCo???

    • Bonnie Kliamovich

      PetCo is in the Best Buy Shopping Center in Charlottesville, VA.

  • pattieB

    Great to see REAL LOCAL businesses instead of the big box chains. Thanks C-ville!!!

  • Tank

    #122 doesn’t list a category.

  • Tiffany Smith

    So happy The Virginia Shop made the ballot! Thanks to everyone who nominated. We strive to be one of the best places for last minute gifts in Charlottesville.

  • SamBaer

    Black Bear Seal LLC should be “Baer”.

    • Caite White

      Thanks, Sam. Unfortunately can’t change it in Survey Monkey without erasing all your votes, but will get it right in the newspaper and certainly in Best of C-VILLE if Black Baer wins!

  • Ewa

    Can you add a category for Best Babysitter Service for 2014?

  • jenn

    How on earth do i get this
    business recognized? Sprouse’s Furniture is probably one of the best used furniture , appliances, home good store around…

  • Lucille Wealley

    We are happy Charlottesville’s Earthly Cleaning made the 2013 nominations for the Best of Cville. It was very unexpected thanks everyone! Lou & Ana the Owners

  • the Wolanski Crew

    We truly love what we do! Our patients and families are terrific! THANK YOU for the OB/GYN nomination!

  • Ben Miller

    Thank You Charlottesville for nominating me yet again!!! We wouldn’t be the best without you!!!

  • mglbmw

    We need to add a “Best IT Service” category and a “Best Tree Service” category!!

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