Best of C-VILLE 2012

There's a whole lot to love!


Philly has the cheesesteak, Houston has the Astrodome, San Fran has the Bay, and Memphis’ got the blues. New York has Times Square, D.C. has the White House, Seattle has the Space Needle, and San Diego’s got the zoo. …But whatta they got on us? Nothin’. For the 17th year, we asked you to vote on what you love best about Charlottesville—from your favorite place to boogie to the spiciest Bloody Mary to where you go to find vintage duds—and these are the results.

  • Enclave

    All of these just take you back to the homepage.

    • dankfu

      boo hoo

    • notsodank

      Are you this snide in person, dankfu?

  • Jodi

    Try again. Links to winners list lead to nowhere

    • dankfu


  • gileser

    Should be working fine now. Please let us know if there are any more issues with the links.

  • gileser

    Also I’ll make sure my stinkin’ mug doesn’t show up with every post…

    • dankfu

      so fugly

  • John

    I always look forward to seeing how ridiculous this completely arbitrary list is every year.

    • best of

      If you had read it every year you’d see the categories aren’t that arbitrary.

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