Best of C-VILLE 2014

This is our town.

Robert Llewellyn

The votes are counted and the winners are in! C-VILLE Weekly readers have named their picks for the best Charlottesville has to offer from restaurants to fitness classes to doctors, parks, and music venues. Did your favorites come out on top? Check out the full issue on the stands or right here online.

‘I am as happy no where else and in no other society, and all my wishes end, where I hope my days will end…”


Thomas Jefferson was talking about his home, and it seems that our third president knew a couple centuries ago what a recent national study confirmed: Charlottesville is the picture of happiness.


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  • Nora Romine Ayala

    Your vintage category has been confusing for a
    little while now, but this year I’m totally flummoxed. There are at least four places to buy vintage clothing in Charlottesville, yet none of them seem to be mentioned in the category and two of the mentioned don’t specialize in vintage at all.
    While those mentioned are outstanding businesses, only Circa regularly features vintage items. Vintage clothing is not a euphemism for used clothing. It specifically means garments at least 25 years old that are additionally of interest to collectors.
    Vintage Vixen, Low Vintage, and Ike’s Underground are the three shops in town that deal exclusively in true vintage. Glad Rags does a mix of ordinary consignment and true vintage and offers Charlottesville’s best selection of vintage jewelry.
    I love Rethreads and Darling, and might personally vote either of them “best place to get an outfit or dress”, but it is unhelpful to call them “vintage” while totally neglecting to mention the actual vintage clothing dealers in Charlottesville.

  • Lynda Haynes

    This town is amazing and offers so many opportunities.

  • Damchoe Gyaltsen

    I like this town it’s best town for me,