Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best place for antiques 2013: Circa

Circa 1700 Allied St. 295-5760 Runner-up: Consignment House 121 W. Main St. 977-5527 In 2011, a man from Tulsa, Oklahoma, came to PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” with five Chinese carved cups made from rhinoceros horn and found out that they were worth more than $1 million. He didn’t find them at Circa (though we […]

Photo: Sarah Jane Winter

Best pilates teacher 2013: Kate Nesbitt

Kate Nesbitt Runner-up: Robin Truxel A lover of movement in many forms, Kate Nesbitt got her start in Pilates in 1980 as a treatment for a dance injury (she studied ballet and modern). She opened Pilates Virginia in 2000, making it one of the oldest Pilates studios in town. Robin Truxel takes the runner-up spot. […]

Best architect 2013: VMDO

VMDO 200 E. Market St. 296-5684 Runner-up: Wolf Ackerman 110B Second St. NE #201 296-4848 There are 403 steps from the foundation to the top floor of the torch in the Statue of Liberty. That’s the kind of information that’s pertinent to someone interested in architecture. For the average person, what’s more important […]

Best caterer 2013: Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon 946 Grady Ave., Suite 11 296-9091 Runner-up: C&O 515 E. Water St. 971-7044 In a town where so much emphasis is put on food (we have more than 400 places to eat!), readers demand a lot from a catering service. Good thing there’s Harvest Moon, with its 16 years of experience […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best restaurant 2013: MAS

MAS 501 Monticello Rd. 979-0990 Runner-up: The Local 824 Hinton Ave. 984-9749 Hashtag nosurprisehere. Tapas spot MAS wins again, just ahead of its Hinton Avenue neighbor, The Local. Both Belmont eateries serve up delectable menus—the former with Spanish-style small plates and a sizable drink menu; the latter with comfort food and, according to […]

Photo: Ashley Twiggs

Best cocktail 2013: Bang!

Bang! 213 Second St. SW 984-2264 Runner-up: Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar 422 E. Main St. 202-7728 More than 30 cocktails comprise the menu at Bang!, with options like the Secret Garden (Absolut Wild Tea, organic green tea, and fresh rosemary), the Esquire (Makers Mark, Firefly sweet tea vodka, Cointreau, and white cranberry juice), […]