Bad news for Virgil Goode?

Charlottesville now has a direct link to a genuine political scandal in Washington.    The high-profile fiasco features a corrupt defense contractor, illegal campaign donations, multimillion dollar bribes, a yacht and the tearful downfall of Randall “Duke” Cunningham, a Republican congressman from California. And on February 24, a surprise guilty plea by the former CEO of […]

Collateral damage

A violent encounter at Friendship Court on the night of Saturday, August 21, between two white Charlottesville police officers and Kerry Cook, a black wanted man, ended with one of the cops firing a single shot into Cook’s stomach—that much eyewitnesses and the police department agree upon. But what happened during the struggle off Garrett […]

Spin city

The scene is straight out of a junior high dance. Though the pack of would-be dancers at R2, a relatively new Downtown club, are clutching beers and cocktails rather than punch, and the average age is at least mid-’20s, the knots of young women and lone men stick to the walls and stare into their […]

The Price is Right

Among the 115 police officers of the Charlottesville Police Department, fewer than 10 actually live in the City. Soaring real estate prices have pushed many cops, particularly new hires, to homes in Greene County, Buckingham County, Lake Monticello or Waynesboro.  “Charlottesville is a very expensive place to live,” says Sgt. Mike Farruggio, a 16-year veteran […]

It’s Capsaw’s world

It’s Capshaw’s world …we just live in it Real estate mogul Coran Capshaw may not be the biggest developer in town, but he’s the glitziest A whiff of development was in the air on a recent gusty spring afternoon. As it blew across W. Main Street, a stiff breeze carried the smell of freshly cut […]

Know Your Neighbor

I SAW YOU – Last week at the Downtown ACAC. You: buff business type, reading GQ on treadmill. Me: petite brunette wearing UVA sweatshirt. You caught me peeking at you over my Shape magazine while you were talking with your friend about real estate. Later, you drove by me in your BMW. Take me for […]


It all started back in January 1999 with an order to Domino’s Pizza. Sharon Jones paid for the pizza with a check, and likely brought it into her modest townhouse in Fredericksburg to share with her 8-year-old daughter, Breanna. But Jones never actually paid for the pizza—at least not that Sharon Jones. Because the checking […]

Where credit is due

With the holidays approaching, William was short on cash. This was not a seasonal problem for the 45-year-old Scottsville resident, who moved to the area from another state about one year ago. Though William has a job, he says it pays less than the one he previously held. The smaller paychecks have been rough for […]

Safety ‘Net

An auction barker’s drawl and a musty smell fill the cathedral-like main room of the Boxer Learning building on the Downtown Mall. Two years before this bright Thursday afternoon, during the dot-com’s heyday, Gen-X employees could be found in the building breaking up the workday with a game of ping-pong. But in the lean days […]

Think outside the big box

With the spring 2004 start of construction on Albemarle Place, the big box conquest of 29N marches on. The complex, slated for the northwest corner of Hydraulic Road and 29N, will be a 1.9 million-square-foot retail behemoth. Once it’s completed, shoppers will be able to literally live on the development’s grounds, which could include a […]

Murder Ink

When UVA student Andrew Alston was charged with the murder of Walker Sisk on November 8, the tail ends of news stories in the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Daily Progress cited another recent case of a UVA student to be charged with murder. “That’s me, the last paragraph,” says convicted murderer Jens Soering from a […]