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Outfoxed: Why your healthy pet still needs vaccines

Outfoxed: Why your healthy pet still needs vaccines

I’ve been in practice for more than a decade, and I feel lucky to have never seen a case of canine distemper. It’s a mean virus, to be sure, killing more than half of its victims (most of which are puppies). It often starts innocently enough with a runny nose, but progresses to ravage the […]

Dog bath? Sure. Cat bath? Watch out.

Wet and wild: Less than one way to clean a cat

“How often should I bathe my cat?” I’m asked with surprising frequency. It’s a perfectly valid question, but anybody who’s ever bathed a cat will understand that it usually answers itself the moment you dare to try. I remember my first job at a veterinary hospital in high school. My inaugural assignment? Bathe this cat. […]

Encouraging dogs and cats to share space is simple with close supervision and private feline retreats. File photo.

Mass hysteria: Getting dogs and cats to live together

Sure, we’ve got Coke versus Pepsi, Yankees versus Red Sox, and Apple versus Android. But do any of these really hold a candle to the age-old rivalry between cats and dogs? If their depiction in pop culture is any indication, they’ve been squaring off since the dawn of time. I’m always a bit envious when […]

Counter intuitive: The hidden dangers of drug store staples

Counter intuitive: The hidden dangers of drug store staples

From aspirin to antacids, we take it for granted that there are dozens of medications readily available for purchase without a prescription. The familiarity of these products in everyday life implies a degree of safety when used properly, and it is not a large stretch to assume that they are similarly safe in pets. But […]

The Monticello-Saunders Trail is a classic local spot for all hikers, four-legged and otherwise. 

Take a hike: Getting your dog ready for the trail

From the Monticello-Saunders Trail winding gently up Carter Mountain to the cool streams and swimming holes of Sugar Hollow, Charlottesville is spoiled for choice when it comes to great hiking. And every one of those trails has one thing in common: They’re all improved by having a dog at your side. Sometimes a minor tune-up […]

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Oh, deer: How to manage tick season as a pet owner

Ticks occupy a special place in our world, and it’s not a good place. The degree of revulsion they trigger in most people is spectacular. I can have the cutest, happiest puppy wagging his tail on the exam table. But if I find one little tick, clients’ faces reflexively contort in ways that would suggest […]

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Movin’ on up: Helping pets adjust to a new home

There are few experiences in life that elicit both excitement and distress like moving into a new home, so just imagine how it must feel for our four-legged friends. After years of a comfy, stable routine, the entire world is instantaneously upended for no apparent reason at all. Nothing is where it used to be. […]

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Can I see your ID? How a simple tag can save your pet’s life

Having a pet go missing is anguishing. Posters go up and APBs are phoned in to local shelters and veterinary clinics, but so many cases go unresolved. Proper identification is the easiest way to make sure that your wayward pet comes back home. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones, and that’s the case […]

Watching a pet age both physically and mentally is never easy, but local veterinarian Mike Fietz advises owners to be proactive.  File photo

Fading memories: Coping with senility in aging pets

Pets, just like their human caretakers, face a great variety of health problems as they age. The physical sorts, while awful in their own right, seem easier for us to grasp. There is a sad kind of sense to it. The aches and pains, blindness and deafness, organ dysfunction—we recognize these as the unavoidable price […]

Local veterinarian Mike Fietz warns against giving puppies and kittens as surprise gifts during the holidays. File photo

Holiday faux paws: Why you should think twice before giving pets as gifts

The holidays are coming, as evidenced by the lights, wreaths, and snowflakes that started overwhelming storefronts since about seven seconds after you removed your Halloween costume. And for veterinarians, that means it’s almost time to see dozens of new furballs. Puppies and kittens are common gifts, and ’tis the season for giving. In most cases, […]

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You shall not pass: When pets eat the inedible

It must be weird to live in a world where literally every single thing might be food, but I’m pretty sure that’s the one that many animals inhabit. There seems to be no limit to what our pets are willing to swallow, nor does there seem to be much capacity to learn from past mistakes. […]

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Take the lead: Why leashes aren’t optional

“He’s friendly!” she shouted as her dog came hurtling toward mine at ludicrous speed on the Rivanna Trail. Retrievers aren’t known for their mean streaks, so it’s not to say I doubted her, but I firmed up my grip on the leash just in case. As it turns out, the encounter was resolved amicably with […]

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Say my name: When kids get to dub the family pet

This was his first visit after being adopted from the SPCA over the weekend. He was a bit pudgy at 40 pounds—a middle-aged Beagle mix with a lazy demeanor and drooping ears. He was adorable, but with his squat legs and lumbering gait, I could never describe him as dynamic. I glanced at his chart, […]

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Sowing trouble: When pets and plants collide

With an overdue spring finally coming into its own, it’s time for many of us to start spending some time in the garden. Whether you’re planting vegetables for the table or decorative plants to brighten up the yard, you can be pretty sure that your pets are going to be keen on inspecting the greenery. […]

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Heat of the moment: Keeping pets cool in hot weather

Charlottesville has no shortage of things to do outdoors in the summer, and we’re lucky to live somewhere that pets are often just as welcome as people. From dog-friendly parks and hiking trails to Downtown restaurants that happily serve bowls of water to their canine dinner guests, there are worse places to have four legs. […]

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The diagnosis that wasn’t: Understanding kennel cough

I’ve completely lost track of how many coughing dogs I’ve seen in the last month or two. They come in honking like geese and hacking up slime. Yup, there’s a nasty case of kennel cough touring Charlottesville, and it seems nobody is safe (well… nobody who happens to be a dog). But wasn’t your dog […]

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Enough is enough: The importance of spaying and neutering

“So, is it really necessary to… you know?” asks the anxious new puppy owner as he unwittingly extends two fingers of his free hand into the form of scissors. The short answer? Yes. Yes, it really is. And for so many reasons. Here’s the sad truth: There are literally millions of homeless dogs and cats […]

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When less is more: Getting overweight pets down to size

As we roll toward the end of January, I gather a lot of us have New Year’s resolutions that are already unraveling and set to expire by Groundhog Day. C’est la vie—in 11 short months, you can give it another shot. In the meantime, maybe it’s time to provide some surrogate willpower to those who […]