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Have you seen this snowplow?
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Truck catches fire, plow stolen

D&D Lawn Care got hit with a double whammy February 11 when one of its trucks caught fire and a snowplow attached to the truck was stolen. The truck was traveling on U.S. 29 southbound near Fabrics Unlimited when it burst into flame Thursday morning. Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department was there within three minutes […]

The University of Virginia will be paying Susan Jordan’s legal fees in a case UVA appealed four times.
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Not appealing: Fourth time’s the charm for fired UVA nurse

Up until last week, everyone who has reviewed Susan Jordan’s firing, from state hearing officers to a circuit court judge to the Court of Appeals of Virginia, agrees that she was unfairly terminated—everyone except her former employer, the University of Virginia Medical Center. It wasn’t until a February 2 appeals court decision affirming her reinstatement […]

J.R. Harris says his pursuit of legal fees for his wrongful termination from the Charlottesville Fire Department wasn’t about the money, but about what took place.
Photo: Martyn Kyle

Spycam settlement: Fired city employee gets lawyer’s fees

A fired Charlottesville Fire Department mechanic, who found a bottle of booze allegedly planted in his desk and a city-installed spycam to catch him with the contraband, was reinstated to his job a year ago. It took a bit longer for the city to agree to pay the $16,000 in legal fees he racked up fighting his […]

The Regal Stonefield brought Charlottesville its first stadium-seating theaters. But it also contributed to the closing of the last two movie theater options in town.
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Movie monopoly? Regal faces lawsuits around the country

In 2000, Charlottesville had seven movie theaters. For most of 2015, it had one—Regal Stonefield Stadium 14 and IMAX—until the Violet Crown Cinema opened downtown late last year. “That’s one theater too many for Regal,” says Adam Greenbaum, owner of the Visulite in Staunton and the beloved Vinegar Hill Theatre in Charlottesville, which closed in […]

Return of Kings was founded by Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh, 36, a Washington, D.C., native and microbiologist, according to the International Business Times.

‘Neomasculinist’ group plans February 6 meetup in Charlottesville

Charlottesville — Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a group founded by a self-described “pickup artist” is planning an international meet-up day February 6 in 165 cities and 43 countries—including Charlottesville’s Lee Park. The group Return of Kings has been described as “misogynistic” and “pro rape.” It was founded by Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, 36, a Washington, D.C., native […]

Delegate Steve Landes is vice chair of 
the appropriations committee and has made cuts to the governor’s budget—and added funding to local entities like the Frontier Culture Museum and Focused Ultrasound Center.
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Jammed session

The General Assembly is in full swing and the No.1 agenda item is to craft a two-year budget. Governor Terry McAuliffe’s budget included Medicaid expansion, which the Republican-controlled legislature has repeatedly said was DOA, so there was that going into the session. Here’s what some of our many local legislators have been up to. Delegate […]

There were still plenty of unshoveled sidewalks 24 hours after the January 25 deadline, like this one on West Main in front of the bus station.
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City cites 90 for not shoveling sidewalks

It was pretty challenging being a pedestrian after winter storm Jonas dumped more than 15 inches on Charlottesville. City code requires that sidewalks be cleared within 24 hours after the snow stops. Once City Manager Maurice Jones declared the storm officially over the evening of Saturday, January 23, citizens received a slight reprieve because it […]

Anthony Martin ends his term as Nelson commonwealth's attorney in February. Publicity photos

Randy Taylor prosecutor Anthony Martin resigns

Anthony Martin, the Nelson County commonwealth’s attorney who got a murder conviction without a body in the case of missing teen Alexis Murphy, resigned from his position January 26 after being reelected in an unopposed race in November. In an e-mail, Martin says, “[R]eally it boiled down to wanting a change after 10 years of prosecution. […]

Delegate Matt Fariss has a few court dates in his future after the General Assembly session.
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More misdemeanors: Delegate Matt Fariss charged with hit-and-run

Southern Albemarle County’s infrequently seen representative to the House of Delegates, Rustburg resident Matt Fariss, R-57th, has been charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run as well as breach of the peace in two separate Campbell County incidents. In a story originally reported by the Lynchburg News and Advance, a 2014 Dodge Ram truck traveling north on Red […]

Escafé owner Todd Howard will be selling beer and wine only until his ABC mixed-drink license is restored February 23.

The ratio: ABC regs threaten Escafé

Escafé is a popular place to get a drink, a place a group of people out on the town might choose for a nightcap later in the evening. “It’s an end-up place,” says owner Todd Howard. And that has the restaurant in trouble with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. That’s because to get […]

George Huguely continues to try to get out of prison with a petition for habeas corpus.
Charlotteville Police

Huguely files habeas corpus petition

Former University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely was convicted of second-degree murder for the 2010 death of his former girlfriend Yeardley Love and sentenced to 23 years in prison. Last year the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal, and his attorney filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus January 19 […]

Robert Hurt was a Virginia state senator in 2009. He was elected to Congress in 2010, and will not seek a fourth term.  [Photo via Douglas Graham/Roll Call Photos/Newscom]

Eye on the door: Hurt heading back to Chatham

  Typically when a mid-career politician says he’s not seeking reelection, it means he’s looking at a run for higher office or is involved in a scandal. U.S. Representative Robert Hurt laughs when asked which prompted his decision to not run for a fourth term. “I was first elected in 2000,” the Republican legislator says […]

Donald Trump has tweeted his objections about the affirmation that must be signed to vote in Virginia's March 1 Republican primary.
Photo: Amanda Maglione

GOP loyalty: Primary pledge draws mixed reaction among local Republicans

Virginia has a history of parties requiring primary voters to affirm they’re loyal Democrats or Republicans. However, three African-American pastors who are Donald Trump supporters filed a lawsuit claiming the pledge required by the state GOP—“My signature below indicates I am a Republican”—will discourage minorities and the poor from voting in the March 1 primary. […]

Ryan McLernan started out on painkillers and his addiction escalated to heroin use. His goal now is to repay his parents for legal expenses and rehab.
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Entrapment trial: Jury rejects task force’s $50 heroin sting

Ryan McLernan admits he’s an addict. But he’s adamant he never sold drugs until another addict—a confidential informant for the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force—asked McLernan if he could help him score. McLernan did, and, six months later, he was indicted for distribution of $50 worth of heroin. The 22-year-old Western Albemarle High graduate […]

Trees could look something like this from snow starting Friday, 
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Eighteen inches of snow possible by Saturday

The snow flurries predicted for Wednesday are “small potatoes compared to what’s coming,” says Jerry Stenger, director of the State Climatology Office. Snow starting early Friday and continuing thought Saturday evening could bring an accumulation of more than a foot and up to 18 inches, he says. A low pressure system developing in Louisiana and […]

A jury recommends 25 years in prison for 20-year-old Taneak Turner.
Photo Charlottesville Police

Turner found guilty in Al Hamraa slaying

A Charlottesville jury convicted Taneak Turner, 20, of voluntary manslaughter January 15 after deliberating for nearly 11 hours, and recommended he serve 25 years in prison for that and other charges related to the death of Antonio Washington. Washington, 30, was fatally stabbed May 10, 2014, at his birthday party at Al Hamraa restaurant in […]

The Downtown Mall around the Landmark was blocked off January 14 so firefighters could clear debris. Staff photo

Mayor doesn’t rule out condemning Landmark

The skeletal Landmark Hotel officially went from eyesore to public safety hazard last week when a beam went through the roof of next-door CVS. “Debris blew off the building and could have killed someone,” said Mayor Mike Signer on “Wake-Up Call” January 17. The city closed the area around the hotel January 14, and the […]

David Toscano says gun safety bills are likely to be stalled in the House of Delegates. Photo: File photo

Put on ice: The General Assembly is in session

State Senator Creigh Deeds compares the 2016 General Assembly session, which starts January 13, to a Talking Heads lyric: “Same as it ever was.” Says Charlottesville’s senior legislator, “It’ll be about money and health care.” Virginia’s part-time legislature passes a balanced budget every two years, and the 60-day session has been known to drag into […]

New Commonwealth's Attorney Robert Tracci leaves his first Jesse Matthew hearing with assistant prosecutor Carrene Walker.
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Canine expertise: Bloodhound at center of Jesse Matthew hearing

A judge ruled that police did not make misrepresentations to a magistrate when seeking a search warrant during a hearing that stretched more than nine hours January 11 on a defense motion to suppress evidence in the capital case against Jesse Matthew for the abduction and murder of UVA student Hannah Graham. Central to Matthew’s objection to […]

Gus Deeds frequently was on the road with his father, especially during Creigh Deeds’ run for governor in 2009. Photo: Hyunsoo Leo Kim/REUTERS/

Creigh Deeds sues state for son’s wrongful death

The day after news broke about the $6 million wrongful death lawsuit he’d filed in his son’s 2013 death, Virginia state Senator Creigh Deeds refused to discuss the suit, but says the decision to file “was always a consideration. Since the beginning of the republic, the legal system has been in place to make changes […]

Republican Michael Del Rosso announced a run for the 5th District seat that Congressman Robert Hurt will give up after this year. File photo

Del Rosso enters 5th District race

Denouncing his own party, Republican Michael Del Rosso announced a run for the 5th District seat that Congressman Robert Hurt will give up after this year. About three dozen supporters joined Del Rosso in front of the Freedom of Speech Wall on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall on a chilly January 4. Del Rosso cited a Fox […]

Albemarle Police Chief Steve Sellers says it wasn’t his idea to be called “the colonel.”
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Exit interview: Steve Sellers sets the record straight

When Steve Sellers took the job as chief of Albemarle County Police in late 2010, he came to a department where, earlier that same year, four officers had been disciplined for inappropriate behavior on the job. He took over an organization where a dashcam video of an officer listening to the Black Eyed Peas’ “My […]