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John Wayne Jordan is back in custody after a brief Gator getaway.
Photo Albemarle Police

John Wayne Jordan escapes by Gator—briefly

John Wayne Jordan, 50, a trustee at the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, disappeared on a John Deere Gator and was on the lam for about 11 minutes from the time he was reported missing until he was captured November 24. Jordan was working for the Virginia Department of Forestry on Natural Resources Drive and was […]

Joe Mallory, far right with beard, listens while attorney Scott Goodman debriefs supporters who came to court. Staff photo

Machete maelstrom: Mallory can continue to coach

Popular youth coach Joe Mallory, 43, made news earlier this year when the Charlottesville Cavaliers were disqualified from the boys National Travel Basketball Association’s championship tournament for playing a girl on the team. In September, Mallory was in the news again, this time for brandishing a gun near Greenbrier Elementary School. That incident resulted in […]

Barefoot Battle

Barefoot Battle

Gallo is known for zealously defending its trademarks, and in 1986 the company sued Ernest and Julio’s younger brother for his Joseph Gallo Farms cheese. The wine company prevailed in the acrimonious court battle, which didn’t improve family relations. Now they are taking on local kombucha company Barefoot Bucha.

Darden prof June West with sons Benjamin, left, and Nathan at Benjamin's wedding in Paris in August. Submitted photo

Paris terror touches home

UVA Darden professor June West was in Washington, D.C., last Friday evening, and saw a news crawl on CNN about attacks in Paris. “I said, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I immediately texted my son.” Her son, Benjamin West, has lived in Paris for 14 years. “They were at a party,” she says. “They couldn’t get home […]

Delegate David Toscano will stick around as House minority leader for at least one more session. Submitted photo

Toscano resigns, reconsiders House minority leader position

Delegate David Toscano made two surprise announcements within two days. On November 12, he sent an e-mail to the Democratic caucus in the House of Delegates saying he was stepping down as minority leader. One day later, he says he changed his mind “when my cell phone blew up with caucus members and federal and […]

Charlottesville Parking Center's Dakota Kuper and Dave Moore try to get people parked in Water Street Garage.
Staff photo

Garage closing thwarts parking, delays TEDX

Commuters into downtown Charlottesville found streets backed up and parking even more difficult than usual Friday morning, thanks to the Market Street Garage being closed for maintenance, and the Water Street Garage selling 150 parking vouchers for TEDx attendees. Streets around the Water Street Garage were particularly clogged. Bob Stroh, parking center general manager, had on […]

Organizer Liz Schenker listens to Latasha Matthew describe what it's like to not get by making slightly above minimum wage. Staff photo

Fight for $15 rallies outside City Hall

Around two dozen people chanting “We can’t survive on $7.25” gathered at City Hall today as part of a nationwide, 500-city protest. Nearly 64 million people live on less than a $15 hourly wage, say organizers, who intend to use that voting bloc in the upcoming 2016 elections. “I can’t survive,” says Latasha Matthew, who […]

Questions about the Mark Weiner case arose after his conviction in 2013. Judge Cheryl Higgins denied a motion to set aside the verdict in June 2014. Submitted photo

The Weiner factor: How one case derailed Denise Lunsford

Unlike Charlottesville, where it was a given that Democratic candidates for City Council would win, Albemarle had several contested races, including two for board of supervisors and four candidates vying for clerk of court. But the race everyone was watching: Whether Commonwealth’s Attorney Denise Lunsford could hold onto her seat for a third term against […]

Word of fliers about a Christian group party caused consternation among some parents at Buford Middle School. Staff photo

Wyld thing: Parents at Buford concerned about recruiting tactics

When Manuel Lerdau heard from his seventh-grader a couple of weeks ago that a Christian youth organization was recruiting at Buford Middle School under the guise of a party, he became concerned. “Representatives from WyldLife were at Buford during lunch recruiting students to attend WyldLife events, and doing it in a way that was not […]

Upsets in Albemarle constitutional races

Upsets in Albemarle constitutional races

Incumbent Albemarle Commonwealth’s Attorney Denise Lunsford lost to Republican challenger Robert Tracci by 515 votes in a closely watched race, while other county Democratic candidates sailed to victory. Lunsford received nearly 49 percent of the vote to Tracci’s 51 percent. Another constitutional officer, incumbent Clerk of Court Debbie Shipp, running as an independent, lost by an even bigger margin. Shipp took 26 percent of […]

The most hotly contested county race between Dem incumbent Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford and Republican Robert Tracci got hotter over the weekend.

Down to the wire: Lunsford threatens lawsuit over Tracci ad

  The week before the election, the Albemarle County commonwealth’s attorney race exploded with lawsuits, threats of suits and last-minute retorts in ads between the campaigns of incumbent Denise Lunsford and challenger Robert Tracci. “The good news is that we have some excitement in local races,” says Richmond Sunlight creator and longtime local political observer […]

Sandra Marks’ psychic reading business on Seminole Trail was raided in June 2014, and she was arrested a year later in New York.
Staff photo

Judge will consider bond for psychic

Sandra Marks, aka Psychic Catherine and Catherine Marks, had a bond hearing October 22 in U.S. District Court and Judge Glen Conrad said he would consider it if she and her attorney can come up with an acceptable plan for her release. Marks, 41, has been in jail since her July 23 arrest in New York […]

With the blighted Landmark Hotel in the background, City Council candidate Mike Signer, joined by ticket-mate Kathy Galvin, left, proposes a one-year deadline for a resolution plan.

Signer fed up with ‘eyesore’ called the Landmark

City Council candidate Mike Signer stood before the skeletal Landmark Hotel, an unwelcome landmark on the Downtown Mall since 2009, and quoted the graffiti scrawled on its boarded up side: “We’re fed up.” And he promised to explore all legal actions for resolving the situation, including eminent domain. Flanked by fellow Dem candidates Kathy Galvin […]

Martese Johnson 's lawsuit claims he was "permanently disfigured" during his encounter with ABC agents. Photo: Jackson Smith

‘Brutally assaulted’: Martese Johnson sues ABC for $3 million

Lawyers for fourth-year UVA student Martese Johnson, whose bloody arrest splashed across national media in March, filed suit for $3 million against the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, an agency that’s no stranger to being sued by UVA students in high-profile cases. Named in the suit along with the agency are the three agents […]

Frank Birckhead was devoted to the University of Virginia and his family.
Photo courtesy the Birckhead family

Former BOVer, businessman Frank Birckhead dies

Frank Birckhead, 61, a former member of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors, founder of MoneyWise Payroll Solutions and Birckhead Consulting, ardent UVA basketball fan and community volunteer, died unexpectedly at home October 18. Birckhead was a lifelong resident of Charlottesville, graduating from Albemarle High in 1972 and UVA in 1976. Except for a […]

Francis Fife in 2009 at Oak Lawn, the Cherry Avenue house his family has owned since 1847.
Photo Jen Fariello

Mensch: Former mayor Francis Fife dies at 95

If it seems like Francis Fife has always been an integral part of Charlottesville, for most of the 20th century he was. “It’s hard to imagine a program here he didn’t have a finger in,” says his wife of 33 years, Nancy O’Brien, who was Charlottesville’s first female mayor. She remembers meeting him when he […]

Will the two-hour shuffle soon be a thing of the past downtown?
staff photo

Meters gauged: Study agrees with one in 2008

Charlottesville is known for its fondness for studies, and a recent one on downtown parking concurs with a 2008 study that meters are a way to relieve a paucity of parking spaces. The question now is whether City Council will follow the recommendations that so far have cost taxpayers $98,500 for both studies, according to […]

Route 20 to Scottsville has evolved from a scenic rural route to a commuters’ and commercial corridor. Days before the most recent fatality, Edward Strickler went to a county transportation meeting to see what could be done to make the road safer.
Photo: Martyn Kyle

‘Inherently dangerous’: Route 20 claims another life

Even before Juliana Porter became the latest motorist to die October 4 on Route 20 South, longtime commuter Edward Strickler had gone to an Albemarle County transportation meeting to voice his concerns about the road to Scottsville. He’s seen a lot of fatal or near-fatal accidents since he moved to Scottsville 20 years ago. Strickler […]

Charlottesville Works Initiative’s Ridge Schulyer says there’s nothing wrong with starter jobs, but it’s tough to support a family on minimum wage. 
Photo Elli Williams

Tourism revenue up while 18 percent of families live in poverty

Two recent reports demonstrate the highs and lows of area economics. Tourism in Albemarle and Charlottesville brought in more than $553 million in 2014, while 18 percent of families in this area don’t make enough money to pay for basic needs. The Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau reported a $29 million increase in revenues […]

Jesse Matthew's attorneys Michael Hemenway and Doug Ramseur wait for their case to be called at Albemarle Circuit Court.
Staff photo

Judge denies Jesse Matthew’s request for secret hearing

Attorneys for Jesse Matthew, who is accused of capital murder in the death of UVA student Hannah Graham, asked in court October 7 for a separate judge to hear their request for experts without the prosecution’s presence. Even naming the expert or the broad area of expertise in open court would “compromise” Matthew’s trial strategy, […]

Motorists trying to use the McIntire Interchange can find themselves backed up to the County Office Building as they wait to squeeze through the 18-second green light. Photo by Martyn Kyle

18 seconds: Why the McIntire Interchange doesn’t move

On September 9, C-VILLE reported that many citizens felt the recently opened $33.6 million McIntire Interchange was a “disaster” and that traffic was worse than before the pricey project was built. City officials said they were adjusting the timing on the lights both at McIntire and at Park Street September 3, and, three weeks later, […]

The investigation report of Martese Johnson’s arrest was released after the three arresting ABC agents gave permission. Photo: Bryan Beaubrun

ABC records: released—for the wrong reason?

In a change of heart, Governor Terry McAuliffe released the Virginia State Police investigation report of Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control agents’ March 18 arrest of UVA student Martese Johnson, the bloody image of which went viral. When he initially declined to make the report public, McAuliffe claimed the Freedom of Information Act prohibited […]