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Two young lovers and two heinous murders: A documentary of the Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering story heads to the U.S. as Soering seeks an absolute pardon.
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Absolute pardon: Soering petitions another governor

During the 30 years he’s spent in prison, Jens Soering has maintained he had nothing to do with the brutal 1985 murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom, and that he only confessed to protect his girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom, from the death penalty. Now Tim Kaine, the governor who agreed to send Soering back to Germany […]

Ousted chair George Benford watches the drama play out that results in his new job as co-chair on the DBAC with the woman who wanted him gone. 
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Parliamentary push-back: Benford reinstated, Fenton nearly ousted

  Chaps owner Tony LaBua spoke for those not in the thick of last week’s Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville coup: “I’m confused. Is George not president?” George Benford wasn’t chair at that point early in an August 17 DBAC board meeting, but within 45 minutes, he was elected co-chair, and Joan Fenton, who had […]

Phil Wendel and Tom Garrett don't break a sweat at today's ACAC tour.
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Tom Garrett on job creators tour

Congressional candidate Tom Garrett is back in Charlottesville today a week after he debated Dem Jane Dittmar at the Senior Center. The two are vying for the 5th District seat currently held by Robert Hurt, who decided not seek a third term. C-VILLE caught up with Garrett, a state senator, at ACAC, where owner Phil […]

Jane Dittmar and Tom Garrett answered questions moderator Bob Gibson chose from the audience.
Photo Eze Amos

Let the 5th District debates begin

Congressional candidates Jane Dittmar and Tom Garrett met August 10 for the first of four forums, and the two agreed on several issues—and disagreed on many more. Around 200 people crammed into the Senior Center for the event sponsored by the Senior Statesmen of Virginia (no relation to the center). Democrat Dittmar, a mediator, is […]

Capital defender Jennifer Stanton wants to check out the makeup of the grand jury that indicted Gene Washington.
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Gene Washington’s lawyers want grand jury records

Attorneys for the man charged with the capital murders of a beloved teacher and her daughter in 2014 asked a judge for the grand jury records for the past four years in Charlottesville Circuit Court today. The slayings of Robin Aldridge, 58, a special education teacher with Albemarle County, and 17-year-old Mani, a junior at […]

Tom Clare, a lawyer for former UVA associate dean Nicole Eramo, pointed to this Rolling Stone photoshopped illustration from John Ritter as one example of “irreparable damage” to Eramo’s reputation. Rolling Stone’s fact checker had asked, “Is this too mean?”
Courtesy Rolling Stone

Eramo’s status: Public figurehood will determine how lawsuit plays out

A phalanx of lawyers assembled to argue motions in former UVA associate dean Nicole Eramo’s lawsuit against Rolling Stone, along with plaintiff Eramo herself, August 12 in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville. Eramo’s $7.85 million defamation lawsuit against the magazine, writer Sabrina Rubin Erdley and Wenner Media is scheduled for a jury trial in October, and […]

Joan Fenton ousted George Benford as chair of the Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville.
Photo Eze Amos

DBAC meltdown: Downtown business org in disarray; chair resigns

Simmering undercurrents from the parking war between the city and Charlottesville Parking Center over the Water Street Garage have splintered the Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville, whose chairman abruptly resigned August 8 after being told he was illegally elected. The move leaves some members confused about who’s in charge and one who is working to […]

DeShon Langston got out of prison in 2005 and could vote in Michigan, but not in Virginia. 

Rescinded: Felons who registered to vote do not pass go

For DeShon Langston, having his right to vote restored—and then unrestored—was like having a really nice dream and waking up to reality. That’s his reaction to a 4-3 Supreme Court of Virginia decision July 22 that the state constitution did not give Governor Terry McAuliffe the authority to restore voting rights en masse, as he […]

Former mayor Dave Norris urges the city to stop kicking the can forward and resolve the Water Street Parking Garage morass once and for all.
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CPC floats four parking scenarios

The parking wars have quieted since a judge rejected the Charlottesville Parking Center’s petition for an emergency receiver June 27 and CPC owner Mark Brown decamped to Greece. But here in the dog days of August, CPC general manager Dave Norris, whose June 24 proposal was rebuffed by the city, offers four scenarios for settling […]

More than 100 people told the Commission on Race, Memorials and Public Spaces what they thought about the Robert E. Lee statue, and more.
Photo Eze Amos

Not black and white: Lee statue evokes deep feelings on racial history

In its first listening session July 28, the City Council-appointed Commission on Race, Memorials and Public Spaces heard from well over 100 citizens, who packed the African American Heritage Center at the Jefferson School to talk about Charlottesville’s painful history. Their responses weren’t always clear-cut as far as the statue of Robert E. Lee was […]

Amy Laufer takes a selfie in front of the Virginia delegation.
Photo Amy Laufer

Laufer live from the Democratic National Convention

Ever wonder how delegates at the conventions all seem to spontaneously raise their “Make America First Again” or “Change Maker” signs at the same time? Well, Charlottesville School Board Chair Amy Laufer is attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and she clues us in: They get texts telling them what to chant and when […]

The Dem VP candidate okayed Jens Soering's return to Germany in 2010—to no avail.
Photo Clements Mayes

VP candidate and convicted murderer in spotlight again

Former UVA student Jens Soering has spent more than 30 years in prison while protesting his innocence. And Tim Kaine, shortly before he left the Governor’s Mansion in 2010, agreed to repatriate Soering to Germany, a move that was immediately overturned by his successor, Bob McDonnell. Now Kaine has been tapped to be the Democratic […]

In between interviews, the Center for Politics’ Tim Robinson, Larry Sabato and Geoffrey Skelley snap a photo from the convention floor in Cleveland.
Courtesy Geoffrey Skelley

Political season: Locals head to conventions

  While most of us followed last week’s Republican shindig in Cleveland on TV, several locals were there on the ground. And Charlottesville sent four people to Philadelphia as delegates for the Democratic convention this week. UVA had a major presence in Cleveland with political pundit Larry Sabato and his Crystal Ball team from the Center […]

Photo: Amy Jackson

War on drugs: When the options for addicts aren’t enough

His family and friends describe Luke Beckelman as someone with a big heart and loving soul. The former Monticello High student’s passion was hip-hop: writing it, rapping and making several videos, says his mom. He also was an addict. And he sold drugs—twice to a confidential informant in 2015—which led to his arrest for felony […]

Former mayor Dave Norris urges the city to stop kicking the can forward and resolve the Water Street Parking Garage morass once and for all.
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Parking garage ‘soap opera’ leads city to reject Brown’s offer

Mayor Mike Signer and City Councilor Kathy Galvin insist there is nothing personal in the city’s dispute with Mark Brown over control of the Water Street Parking Garage. In meetings with reporters July 6 after the city rejected Charlottesville Parking Center’s June 24 proposed settlement of the escalating controversy over the fate of the garage the city co-owns with Brown, […]

Phi Kappa Psi. File photo

Flurry of filings in Rolling Stone lawsuits

Last week saw one lawsuit against Rolling Stone dismissed, while Sabrina Rubin Erdely filed an 86-page statement about how she reported the UVA-rocking article “A Rape on Campus,” and plaintiff Nicole Eramo asked for several issues to be determined in advance of her October defamation trial against the magazine and Erdely. On June 29 a […]

The fire started at Ike's Underground and black smoke spread to the surrounding businesses.
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Fire started at Ike’s Underground under investigation

It was nearing lunchtime on the Downtown Mall when smoke began pouring out of the building that houses Ike’s Underground Vintage Clothing and Strange Cargo, Miso Sweet and Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Next door at OpenQ, CEO Otavio Freire was in his office, which “filled up very quickly with smoke,” he says. “The smoke was […]

Ceilings soar and light floods in Ten Flavors’ new digs in the Treehouse, a space designed for designers.


Elevated space: Inside Oliver’s Treehouse

Oliver Kuttner doesn’t do bland. And he doesn’t like building the same thing over and over. His  latest project, the Treehouse on the corner of Garrett and Second SE streets, is testament to that. “I wanted to do a small building,” he says. “I wanted to make that corner interesting.” The result, beside his Glass […]

After a judge denies the Charlottesville Parking Center’s petition for a third party to run the garage, CPC general manager Dave Norris says there are much bigger challenges facing parking downtown than one garage.
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No emergency: Judge rejects parking center petition for special receiver

A judge heard Charlottesville Parking Center’s emergency petition to appoint a receiver to run the Water Street Garage June 27, three days before the parking center’s contract with the city expired, and he concluded such a move wasn’t justified. “This is an emergency of your own making,” said Judge Rick Moore in Charlottesville Circuit Court. “I […]

Former mayor Dave Norris urges the city to stop kicking the can forward and resolve the Water Street Parking Garage morass once and for all.
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DBAC urges city and parking center to knock off bully tactics

The Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville sent a letter to city councilors and Charlottesville Parking Center owner Mark Brown today requesting the city and the CPC “reach a quick agreement on the parking stalemate” over the Water Street Garage and withdraw “extreme threats” such as eminent domain and closing the garage. Mary Beth Schellhammer wrote on […]

Kristin Szakos, above, and Wes Bellamy wrote the resolution on gun control City Council passed June 20. File photo

City Council adopts gun control resolution

Gun control debate dominated the June 20 Charlottesville City Council meeting as members of opposing sides of the issue cited the Second Amendment—“the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”—and the Declaration of Independence’s inalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” that victims of gun violence […]

Attorney Jeff Fogel says he received 13 phone calls from African-Americans who said they had been targeted by Albemarle police officer Andrew Holmes.
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‘Outrageous’ search: County argues to drop lawsuit against cop

A federal judge heard Albemarle County’s motion to dismiss three lawsuits that allege Albemarle police officer Andrew Holmes targeted African-American males for unreasonable searches. At the June 20 hearing, Judge Glen Conrad focused on the suit brought by Bianca Johnson and Delmar Canada for a midnight search of their home in 2014 after Holmes ticketed Canada […]

Attorney Tom Wolf explains how the city is moving forward to condemn the Water Street Parking Garage.
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City lawyer: Condemnation of Water Street Garage has begun

How many lawyers does it take to schedule a hearing? Well, if it has anything to do with the highly contentious battle between the city and Mark Brown’s Charlottesville Parking Center, that would be five attorneys in Charlottesville Circuit Court today to set a date for CPC’s petition for the appointment of an emergency receiver. During the hearing, the […]