ARTS Pick: Chance

ARTS Pick: Chance

Daily grounds

Mistaken identity, misplaced romance, and missing laundry—these three commonplace topics typify the daily existence of the college student. UVA graduate Jason Averett’s new comedy, Chance, aims to harness the overlooked drama of an ordinary student’s day and depict it on stage, with all its relatable humor intact. A cursory glance over the various plot lines feels like a look across the Quad—a poet woos a young woman, another woman uses guile to get her way, non-descript characters become haplessly bound in other’s plots, and all the while lovers find each other (with surely a frisbee or two tossed in there somewhere).

Through 11/18 $5, times vary. Maxwell Theatre at PVCC, 501 College Drive. 961-5376.

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