You've got a friend in Virginia [December 19]

You've got a friend in Virginia [December 19]

Wanna-be Washington, D.C. gun owners have a friend in Virginia. And that friend holds a fairly high-ranking position. Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell announced that Virginia will join an amicus brief supporting individuals’ rights to bear arms.

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in challenges to D.C.’s ban on owning handguns. Opponents of the ban, like McDonnell, argue that it violates the Second Amendment, which, in their view, provides for individual rights. Ban supporters’ arguments are as follows: "Individual rights? Are you crazy? Look at the commas! The amendment clearly stops at guaranteeing collective rights!" Or something like that.

The Supreme Court will most likely hear the arguments in the case in March 2008. A decision is anticipated in June.

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