[UPDATED] Day 106: Madness, mayhem and hilarity

[UPDATED] Day 106: Madness, mayhem and hilarity

UPDATE: Brick Watch has recently learned that the barriers on Second Street outside the now-defunct Landmark Hotel are coming down and being replaced with chain link fencing by the end of today. Here’s a video of the progress:

Let it be said that, though we’ve been doing this for 106 days (give or take a few weekends), Brick Watch has not lost our sense of humor. While strolling the Mall this morning for inspiration (brickspiration?), BW noticed a few accidental hilarities that we would like to share with you.

But first, we wanted to clear up something that even BW was a bit confused about: At the First Street crossing, there’s a section of bricks that have not been, well, rebricked! They’re…old. We called Chris (we can call him that now—it’s been 106 days for brick’s sake), who told us not to worry. Those bricks will definitely be replaced.

And now, onto the funnies.

At the 200 block west (in front of the movie theater)…

Ride the lightning, baby.

At the 200 block east (at Central Place)…

You boys play nice now.

And also at the 200 block east, thanks to a little creative photography from everyone’s favorite Bricktern…

Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Follow the yellow brick road," no?

The system’s breaking down out there, folks. Be sure to come back tomorrow, when BW alerts you brickophants to some rebricking fails.