Tim Kaine for (UVA) president [December 31]

Tim Kaine for (UVA) president [December 31]

Since he can’t run for Governor in 2009, why not wait for higher ed presidencies to open up at VCU and UVA?

With the ball set to drop on 2007, the Richmond Times-Dispatch is busy speculating on what Tim Kaine will be up to after the ball drops on his term as governor. Columnist Jeff Schapiro thinks Kaine might climb the Ivory tower, perhaps at Virginia Commonwealth University, whose current president, Gene Trani, is set to retire in 2010—or perhaps at UVA, where President John Casteen is expected to step down after the $3 billion capital campaign comes to a close in 2011. "Kaine’s breathy youthfulness—it endures even as he enters his 50s—could make him an ideal advocate for a university’s principal constituency: youth," writes Schapiro. "This adds to a visibility Trani and Casteen can’t match because their focus is on construction and capital." But before Wahoos get too excited (or disappointed) at the prospect of Kaine at Carr’s Hill, Schapiro footnotes that "Richmond seems a better fit for Kaine than Charlottesville, if only because the Holy City is his hometown and urban life reflects his taste for the eclectic."

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