The recycled house now has a kitchen!


A while back, I wrote an ABODE story about a master salvager. Scott Wylie has renovated several Charlottesville houses using largely recycled materials. The story focused on his current project, a house on Rose Hill Drive. When I visited last spring, he and his wife had just moved in and were enjoying their new upstairs bedrooms, downstairs bath and living room. But the dining room was serving as a makeshift kitchen (think cold cereal and microwaved meals) while the kitchen was literally a hole in the ground.

Not anymore! Scott wrote to let me know that his kitchen was finished just in time for Thanksgiving.

He continued his thrifty ways in finishing this room. "The floors, doors, trim, countertops (marble and copper) copper sink, dishwasher, stove, microwave, and cabinets were all purchased used," he wrote. "We are really enjoying being able to cook again after no kitchen for five months."

Scott is a veteran shopper at the Habitat Store, and he’s gotten really good at finding the best stuff there and at other secondhand outlets. I loved seeing how cleverly he was able to use materials, and not always for their intended purpose. Next, he’ll finish the house’s exterior.