Stuffed silly


Even though partaking in a buffet sometimes means wearing elastic-waist pants and an adult-size bib in public, there’s something to be said for having so many choices under one roof. Here’s a refresher course for those who love to overindulge at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dig in to the Wood Grill Buffet’ ample breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings.

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet (lunch $6.99, dinner $9.99): Chinese, Japanese and American cuisines, plus—you guessed it—a hibachi grill. Over 250 bar items daily on 12 food bars. Try the black pepper shrimp.

Himalayan Fusion (lunch $6.99, every day but Tuesday): The only place in town offering Tibetan and Nepalese cuisines, this Downtown spot offers great options for vegetarians.

Keswick Hall’s Villa Lunch Buffet ($19): Elegant offerings in a world-class setting. Their truffled mac and cheese is to die for, and the coq au vin? French magic.

Old Mill Room at The Boar’s Head (breakfast $16, lunch $18.50): Long lines form for the omelet station at this local institution. Lunch includes soup, salad and beverage. Don’t miss the Spicy Virginia Peanut Soup, a regional favorite.

Maharaja (lunch $7.99, Sunday brunch $8.99): All of your Indian cravings and the best naan in town. Go on Sunday for fresh dosas!

Peking (lunch $6.40): A Fourth Street gem, Peking offers standard Chinese fair and attentive service from its owners.

Wood Grill Buffet (breakfast $8.49, lunch $8.39, dinner $10.39, weekends $10.89): This 2010 Best of C-VILLE winner’s fried chicken is famous. And the marinated sirloin steak? Don’t get us started.—Jenée Libby

Eat like a horse

Be a champion eater at any local all-you-can-eat establishment by following a few simple tips:

Get physical. Working up a sweat before stuffing your face will help convince your body that you need all of that food.

Maintain variety. By keeping your taste buds interested you avoid getting sick of the same flavor.

Avoid bubbles. Gas and liquid in sodas and beer will just take up valuable stomach space. Take small sips of water, if you must.

Pace yourself. Too fast and there’s no time to digest. Too slow and your brain will catch up to your stomach.

Remember, you are here to conquer hunger and, by golly, you will.—Christy Baker

Get jiggly with it


If you take on the all-you-can-eat buffet as a personal challenge, you may not have much room left for dessert. That’s probably why most buffets offer that curiously colorful food that jiggles when you wiggle it: Jell-O. After four and a half platefuls, you’ll welcome something that doesn’t require much chewing.