Small Bites: Local bird is the word, Swap-ing and gathering, and more



Quinoa, the red or gold ancient grain once considered “the gold of the Incas,” provides a fluffy, russet-colored bed for porchetta with caramelized fennel and mostarda in this autumnal dish at C&O Restaurant.

Local bird is the word
You know everyone at your Thanksgiving table, so insist on a bird that’s from around these here parts. Place your order with one of these spots carrying local pasture-raised birds now, so you won’t have to resort to Butter-ball later: Anderson’s Carriage House, C-ville Market, Foods of All Nations, Greenwood Gourmet Grocery, Horse and Buggy, The Organic Butcher, Rebecca’s Natural Foods.

Swap-ing and gathering
The first Cville Swaps takes place on Sunday, November 13 from 2-4pm at the Garage, that one-car garage space on First Street across from Lee Park. Come bearing homemade, homegrown or foraged goods (the edible kind) as well as a potluck item so that you can eat while you shop for everything from granola to body scrubs. For more info, find Cville Swaps on Facebook.

Knock three times
The end of Prohibition keeps 9 ½ Lounge from being a true speakeasy, but gaining entry to Fellini’s new second floor establishment does require knocking and then saying a password to a face that appears in a slot in the door. What keeps the place from reeking of forced exclusivity and historical incongruence? Well, it’s open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to anyone who can read the password printed on the door. It serves a killer banana and bacon panino, and the booze is plentiful—and legal.