Shopping for seconds: Thrift store love!


My theory on stuff is that it all passes through a thrift store at some point or another. Obviously, some folks take their cast-offs straight to the landfill via the trash can but many, especially in this town, like to give their junk another chance.

Book bunker at McIntire Recycling Center

I can only vaguely recall my last excursion to the mall (I think I was meeting someone in the food court to check out a secondhand laptop off of Craig’s List). Whether it’s a new pair of pants for my son, an insane skirt for roller derby or a seasoned skillet- I’m shopping for seconds.

Once, when the whole Nalgene/BPA issue came to the fore I went out with a fancy, Swiss, aluminum water bottle on the top of my wish list. Amazingly, I found a (seemingly) brand new one at my favorite local thrift store that day. For a dollar.

Other times it has been a funky sunburst clock (it doesn’t work, but I love it all the same) ($1), a fabulous blue Kitchen-Aid mixer ($25), and a printer adapter ($1) to replace the one that had just been destroyed. Just this week I found a great pair of sunglasses that will also double as safety glasses ($1) and a great summer dress for the beach ($4).

Thrift store clocks find new home!

I guess it is a small thing, but to find things that retain use and value amongst the detritus on those thrift store shelves never ceases to delight me.

More thrift store/trash finds! Red lockers came from Circuit City via The Habitat Store.

What is your favorite thrift store find?
Is there anything you wouldn’t buy second-hand?