Rid us of mildew, sans bleach


Our wonderful, healthy cotton shower curtain has turned out to have a flaw. I hope it’s not a fatal flaw. The problem: It gets mildewy, and fast.

This is the clean part. I do have some pride.

I shouldn’t be surprised—after all, it stays wet a lot longer than our old vinyl one did. We’ve adopted a regimen of squeezing it out, spreading it across the inside of the tub, and then moving it to the outside of the tub when it’s done dripping: a lot more work than I’d really like to be doing with a shower curtain. But still, it takes hours to dry. Mold and mildew inevitably follow.

So, what to do? I really don’t want to use bleach. There are different opinions out there about whether it causes harm when it enters the waterways, but not a lot of doubt that it causes harm during manufacture. And it definitely has bad health effects. 

We tried washing the curtain with hydrogen peroxide; I’d heard it would make a good alternative. It didn’t work at all. I might try white vinegar next. Anyone got another suggestion?