Reach out and touch someone


It would have been nice if you called and talked to me before you tried to advance your newspaper career by calling me names [The Odd Dominion, March 18, 2008].

The box cutters were the weapons used by the September 11th terrorists to take over the planes and kill thousands of people.

As for the fireplace regulation, I agree that it seems like over-the-top regulation, but I have a constituent who lives in one of the housing communities that have houses 6′ apart. Her neighbor burns wood in his fireplace for heat instead of using his furnace. So smoke comes out 24/7 during the winter and permeates her house. I wanted to allow the county to be able to set reasonable burn regulations in close quarters.

The emergency exit bill was a bill proposed by all the state retailers. Criminals shoplift large amounts and then run out of the exits. The automatic alarms go off causing the fire department to be automatically called. The retailers must leave these exits open, for obvious reasons. This criminal practice will require retailers to station a staff person at every emergency exit during all hours, thus costing hundreds for each door each day. And who ends up paying? The consumers.

Dave Albo
Delegate for Virginia’s 42nd State House District