October ABODE is an expert on peppers


It’s ABODE time again, my dear readers, and I’d like to seize the opportunity to point out what a terrific kitchen columnist we have in our October issue and every issue. I first met Lisa Reeder in 2005 when we both worked at a certain local eatery–I as a lowly cashier, she as a clever chef. It was fall and I recall feasting on Lisa’s delectable squash-based soups during my lunch breaks.

Now, some years later, she’s a well-established presence in ABODE. Every month she picks a seasonal ingredient–some meat or vegetable, cheese or honey–that’s produced by local farmers, and tells you all about it. She’s part science nerd, part kitchen genius, part locavore foodie, and a darn good writer to boot. Have you checked out her stuff? In the issue we’re publishing today, she offers the lowdown on peppers.

Lisa’s also a teacher (and an employee of the Local Food Hub). Starting October 13, she’s leading a short course at UVA’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies called "Planet to Plate: A Study in Slow Food (The Apple)" that you might wanna check out. There’s a field trip! To a local cidery! Sign up or be square.

If you don’t pick up ABODE, you’ll miss not only Lisa’s pepper wisdom but Ed Warwick’s advice on making horrible pink bathrooms easier on the eyes. All kinds of magic! Read and enjoy, and be in touch.