NEW! Fall 2011: Check her bag


A Charlottesvillian born and raised, 39-year-old Andrea Copeland is the Community Resource Coordinator for National College, the founder of local production company Positive Channels and the chairperson for Quadruplicity, an annual conference for professional women balancing career, life, money and health. Needless to say, she’s busy. Here, we take a peek in her purse.—Caite White

The bag: “It’s a bag Mom gave me two years ago. I’ve come to really appreciate having it because it’s something that keeps me connected to my mother. She loved purses and would always give my sister and me the ones she didn’t want anymore.”

Keys: “I’m tethered to my keys: house keys, several office keys, storage key, key to my Mazda 6. I recently moved, so I picked up a couple of extra keys.”

Flash drive: “The jobs I do are far beyond the office. I have that with me since I never know when I’ll have to produce a document.”

Makeup bag: “That’s where I keep everything—tweezers, clippers, lotion, makeup…everything a woman needs to stay beautiful.”

Camera: “Because of my job with National College and Positive Channels, I’m always somewhere where I like to capture memories.”

Lip gloss and lipstick: “I wear gloss more than lipstick, but a dear friend got me hooked on Mary Kay. She chose that lipstick color for me because she said it matched my complexion.”

DVD: “That’s a copy of my ‘Inside Nonprofits’ show that I’ve been carrying around forever. I need to add it to my personal library.”

Wallet: “It was my mother’s and she gave it to me. Now that she’s no longer here, it means that much more to me.”

Phone: “I finally stepped into the 21st century and got a smart phone. It’s made my life easier, but I seem to be working more.”

Gum: “As a young girl, my dad used to give me pieces of Big Red and it was so hot! I’ve gotten used to it now.”

Sunglasses: “I drive a lot, so I like to look cool. Even when it’s not sunny, I’m just so used to wearing them.”

Compact mirror: “I got this from my mother. When we were clearing out things after she died, I kept it.”