NEW C-VILLE COVER STORY: Noise in the ‘hood


Over the past decade, Belmont has emerged as the new up-and-coming neighborhood in Charlottesville, though if you ask 12 residents what the soul of Belmont is, you’ll likely get as many different answers. Regardless of who or what they think constitutes the Real McCoy, one thing they can all agree upon is that the crowds coming out of Bel Rio after midnight are not it. Read the cover story here, and don’t forget to leave comments.

Also in this week’s issue, find a detailed look at the Morgan Harrington case from her disappearance from John Paul Jones Arena on October 17 to the finding of her remains on a farm in southern Albemarle. Read that story here, and be sure to watch our exclusive video footage from January 26, when David Bass discovered Harrington’s remains. Below, News Editor Brendan Fitzgerald and Staff Writer Chiara Canzi talk about reporting from the scene.