Making contact with my wasteful side


As a (nearly) lifetime myopic, I am chained to some form of technological assistance in order to be able to do almost anything at all without walking into a post. I gotta have glasses or contacts to live my life.

Currently, I wear disposable contacts and store them at night in this stuff:

Clinically proven to be the only contact solution that works for Erika Howsare.

Unfortunately, here’s what all’s in that box:

A wealth of plastic and cardboard doohickeys.

I wish that, every time I bought solution—which is every five or six weeks—it didn’t have to come with a brand-new storage case and a box that immediately gets thrown away. I also wish my poor sensitive eyes could handle non-disposable contacts. But if I don’t use those contacts and this solution, my eyes get super dry and take on a red tint that is, frankly, scary.

It’s a case where vanity (which keeps me from settling for glasses) runs smack up against eco ideals. And vanity wins big. My penance is to feel pretty damn guilty when I reach for that wasteful package in the Eye Care section.

Anyone else have a bad eco-habit driven by vanity?