Kluge update: Sonabank buys back Vineyard Estates lots for $4.9 million


Neither former winery owner Patricia Kluge nor her husband and partner, William Moses, attended this morning’s foreclosure sale for Vineyard Estates, the couple’s largely unrealized luxury real estate development dream. Kluge and Moses, also the subjects of a $34.8 million contract action  and a $1.9 million civil suit brought by Farm Credit of the Virginias, make up Vineyard Estates LLC, which defaulted on an $8.2 million loan from local lienholder Sonabank.

After a $1 million opening bid from Les Goldman, a slender, middle-aged man who declined to comment on his interest in the property, Sonabank bought the lots back at a price of $4.9 million. Among those lots not included in the auction? A mansion at 2621 Cooper’s Lane, the lone Vineyard Estates spec house, assessed at $2.5 million.