Is there a greener way to feed the cat?


Here we are, putting all this effort into what we feed ourselves—local stuff, organic stuff, stuff that comes in beige and green packaging—and the other mammal in our household, our cat, eats processed food.


I have trouble believing this is particularly healthy for her. It’d be like us eating canned soup at every meal. We wouldn’t feel as good, our bodies wouldn’t work as well—in short, we wouldn’t thrive. So why do we feed our friend this way?

Well, there’s no good answer. But the reality is that we’ve talked for years about trying some sort of raw-food diet for the kitty and have never actually made the move. There’s always something else to do first. (Darn, this post is making me feel guilty!)

I’d like to make a change not only for our cat’s health, but because buying this canned catfood punches a big hole in my claim that I do not support the conventional meat industry—largely for environmental reasons. I was a vegetarian for years and now eat some meat, but only when I know the farmer. Meanwhile, I’m buying dozens of cans of catfood a month. It makes no sense. The stuff is made from the same chicken and beef I disdain for my own consumption. And then there are all those cans.

Anyone got a solution for greener pet food, something more along the lines of what us local-food types tend to feed ourselves?