Hello, Goodbye


“New Amsterdam”
Tuesday 9pm, Fox

This supernatural cop drama was initially slated as part of Fox’s fall schedule, but it got unceremoniously dumped to midseason before it ever aired. The show has a couple things working against it, specifically a no-name cast and a fairly out-there concept. It’s like something Anne Rice would’ve cooked up before she found Jesus. John Amsterdam is a New York City homicide detective. He’s also more than 300 years old, having been gifted with immortality after he saved a Native American girl from being killed while he served as a Dutch soldier in the 1600s. Since then, he’s watched his family and friends grow old and die while he remains young and beautiful, until he meets his true love. (Pretty specific spell…) Shades of “Angel” and “Buffy,” to be sure, and the lead actor’s resemblance doesn’t help the matter.

“Project Runway”
Wednesday 10pm, Bravo

It’s the end of the catwalk for Season 4. I’ve read a lot of criticism of this season—it was boring, the designers were the weakest bunch yet. But I totally disagree. “Project Runway” doesn’t need to rely on cheap drama to keep me interested; somehow, someway, I find watching talented people create sometimes-incredible works out of almost nothing totally compelling. At this point, I like everyone left in the final three. Yes, Rami is somewhat boring (but so hot!) and his constant draping goes beyond tired, but he makes gorgeous clothes. Jillian has surprised me almost every week, and I’m eager to see what she can do without time constraints. But it’s elfin fashion prodigy Christian who truly deserves the title. If he doesn’t win, it will be—in his now-famous words—a “tranny mess.” Don’t make us wait so long for Season 5, Klum!

Thursday 9pm, ABC

I have been a “Lost” hater since the latter half of Season 1. I just found it maddening: the inconsistencies, the delays, the plethora of going-nowhere mysteries, the total lack of any forward momentum. I just didn’t believe that the showrunners had a clue about what they were doing. This current season, its fourth, has proved me wrong. So much is happening! A new group has come into play, a freighter crew supposedly sent to rescue the crash survivors, but they’re obviously not what they claim to be. The flashbacks have largely turned into flash-forwards, in which the rescued “Oceanic Six” (which include Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sayid so far) have returned to regular civilian life in the States, but continue to be haunted by what happened, and seem compelled to return to the island. So good!