Hand-made in Charlottesville




Angie Hogan (Typesetter, Virginia Arts of the Book Center)

Sarah Barker (American Sign Language instructor, Independent Resource Center)

Jennifer Maton (Calligrapher, If So INKlined)

Ben Miller (Tattoo artist, Ben Around Tattoos)

Ted Wood (Typewriter repairman, Charlottesville Office Machine Co.)

Jamal Millner (Flat-pick and fingerstyle guitarist)

Jon Bright (Lensman, Spectacle Shop)

Kenny Shreves (Race Car Builder, Werkstatt Charlottesville)

These days, what can’t a person accomplish with a keyboard? As technology steadily merges craft with convenience, jobs that require a sort of hands-on knowledge seem fewer and further between. Read the situation another way, however, and there are plenty of tasks that demand a steady hand—or a nimble one, or an expressive one. From expert calligraphers and tattoo artists to typewriter and eyeglass repairmen, Charlottesville is home to plenty of people we can only call handy. Click through the list to meet a few.