Green Scene Blog: More greatest hits


Hi folks! As promised, in celebration of my final week writing this blog, here are a few more of my favorites from the archives.

This was when I realized the stinkbugs cruising our dining room were even worse than I’d thought.

Our cat got her first bath in the service of chemical-free flea control.

Smart people, including Janisse Ray and our own Josef Beery, speculated on what we can do instead of buying crap we don’t need.

April 2010 was a big month. Gary Snyder came to town. (So did Rebecca Solnit!) And we got chickens, with a very unexpected twist.

A lively debate over traffic on 29N, and whether mass transit could do anything to solve it—a discussion that’s still quite relevant now, with the current talk of a renewed Western Bypass plan.

When I was on maternity leave in 2010, the fabulous Christy Baker filled in for me on the blog, and here’s one of her posts that I loved. (Bug alert: It’s got my name on it, but seriously, it’s by Christy.)

This is fun. One more post to come before the end of the week.