Garden update: Fruit and flowers rocking out!


Summer stuff is coming on strong in our garden. Here’s the current scene:

Plenty of tomatoes on our 35 or so plants! Some are showing blossom-end rot, which we often find with the first round of fruit.

Hot peppers have shown up.

Beans are starting to flower.

A few pumpkin plants getting established. We grew these from seeds saved from pumpkins we got at the market last year; they’re a green, goosenecked variety, very decorative. They’re side-dressed with horse manure from our neighbor down the road. Fertilize local!

First zucchini of the year! We have a little rabbit barrier of marigolds planted around the squash patch. So far, so good.

Mmmm…butternut. Just one more:

Zinnias grown purely for pleasure, looking sweet with flowering oregano nearby.

It’s so much fun when this stuff arrives. I’m still up to my ears in cucumbers (anyone know a good cuke soup recipe? that freezes well?), and eating lots of all-local salad to keep up with the good stuff we get from the CSA. What’s happening in your garden?