From pallets to palace!


With all of the projects that are going on around this home of ours, my husband and I are jonesing for a place to put all of our lumber, tools and ephemera.  Thus, a new and necessary project is now underway: a shed. 

The saddle shop where my husband works gets leather trucked in on giant 8′ x 4′ wood pallets every few months. This sparked the idea that he could use those pallets for the walls of our backyard shed. Patiently, he lugged those bad boys home one at a time. Meanwhile, I scanned for more pallets that might suffice, noting the name and phone number of the businesses where I found some that might work for our purposes. 

In the end, Aaron collected enough pallets for the walls and construction began. We had some leftover 2"x4"s for connecting pieces (Although, we did have to go by Nature Neutral and Lowe’s, ugh, to supplement.).

Stage one: the pallets are up

We used the last of my credit (from the wall-collages that I made) at the Habitat Store for two windows and some metal roofing. Our neighbor, Eric, came by yesterday with leftover plywood in tow, and helped get the walls covered. The roof supports are up and we are on the hunt for more roofing, siding and some doors. So far, we’ve spent less than $100 (not including the windows from Habitat) and have kept plenty of usable material out of the landfill.

Stage two and three: roof supports up and plywood up, mostly

The shed isn’t finished yet, but it is amazing to see what you can do with what’s around you if you keep an open mind and a roof rack on your car!

Any ideas about what to use for siding on our ‘salvage shed’?

I just came across this article all about sheds in the Washington Post’s Sunday Magazine… Awesome!