Free the sangria [January 25]

Free the sangria [January 25]

Hey you! Stop stirring that bowl of sangria! Why? Because the authentic version of the Spanish drink—that’s a mix of red wine, liquor and sliced fruit—is illegal in Virginia restaurants. Nearly a quarter of a century ago the state outlawed the serving of any concoction that includes both liquor and either wine or beer, the Associated Press reports. Frances McDonald, the vice president La Tasca Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurants, discovered this fact when his Alexandria restaurant was fined $2000 for breaking the law in 2006. McDonald has filed an appeal to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and will go to Richmond to urge state legislators to pass a bill that would lift the sangria ban. Until that happens, restaurants like local tapas bar Mas will have to substitute a non-alcoholic ingredient in place of liquor, leading to a less dreadful hangover, but also a less authentic sangria experience.

Mixing fruit is OK, but mixing liquor and wine is a no-no according state law.

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