Free books with your granola


What’s better than a locally owned natural food store? Answer: A locally owned natural food store that gives away reading material.

I’m not just talking about free weeklies, either, though there was one in the little stack of texts I brought home today:

These came from Wintergreen Grocers, which many of us in Nellysford still call Valleymont. Couple weeks ago, I was in there and noticed a bookshelf and a magazine rack, both devoted to customers’ castoffs. Goody! Today I finally picked up some likely prospects: an issue of The Week (which I like even when it’s two months old, like this one) and a novel by one of my favorite fiction writers, William H. Gass.

Free stuff rocks. And I’m not the only one who thinks so: The clerk told me that nothing stays on the free shelves very long. Next time I have books to give away, which happens often, I know where to take them.

Our local recycling station has a pretty good re-use trailer, too. And the book trailer at the McIntire center is legendary. Where else can you get free books (or clothes, household stuff, etc.)? Where’s your favorite place to scavenge? What’s your favorite place to donate?