Fluvanna car crash kills five


Five related men were killed around 12:30am Sunday in Fluvanna cCounty when their 2008 Mazda 6 flew off a curve on Route 656 into an embankment, rolled over and then ended up in the middle of a shallow creek. Police estimate that three of the men died immediately while two others managed to crawl from the car but perished shortly thereafter. Four of them were from Fluvanna (and ranged in age from 25 to 49). The driver was from North Carolina. None were wearing seat belts and they all appeared to be intoxicated.

“Speed, alcohol and no seat belts,” Sgt. David Cooper of the Virginia State Police told the Daily Progress. “You put those three factors together? Not good at all.” According to him, the death toll is unusually high for a single-car crash. An employee headed to work discovered the five bodies around 6 that morning.

Meanwhile, neighbors and relatives mourned the deceased. "They was all loving people," cousin and Charlottesville resident Lisa Washington said. "I’ll remember the good times I had with them. A lot of laughter."