February 2010: Instant Decorator


Let us help shed some, er, light on your inner decorating genius. This month’s project is a simple chandelier, made with beads and yarn, that’s fully customizable to match your décor. Bright, no?

Materials: Clear beads; thick string (or yarn); metal hoops in two sizes, one large and one small; hanging light bulb.

Tools: Scissors, ruler.

1.    Wrap each of the hoops with the string. Tie ends to secure.

2.    Measure and cut 10 to 20 pieces of yarn at 24" long. Tie pieces to the small hoop.

3.    String beads on each piece of yarn, stopping at 8". Make sure all your strands are the same length.

4.    Spacing the strands evenly, knot each one around the larger hoop. Bead each strand as you did the top half.

5.    When you reach 10", stop beading the strands and make sure they’re all even. If they are, tie the string together to create a basket shape.

6.    Add a hanging lightbulb inside and hang. Enjoy!