Doggy dog world


Does anyone else love that Animal Planet show “Animal Precinct”? It’s the one in which pets are rescued from a myriad of abusive homes and taken to the local Humane Society to recover, and then find a “forever home.” During the course of an hour, each animal’s horror story—along with his helplessness and winning personality—is so effectively narrated that, in my opinion, it’s a perfectly reasonable reaction to want to get up off the couch right then and there and go adopt yourself an abused animal. At least that’s the effect the show has on me. Hence, Crystal (my little pit bull lovebug).
    Call me a softy, but Pet Finder—the Internet’s answer to “Animal Precinct”—has the exact same effect on me. It’s a website on which animal shelters across the country post their available pets, complete with photos, and descriptions of each animal’s personality, trials and tribulations. Just type in your zip code, and the kind of animal you’re looking for—along with hundreds of hopeful faces—will pop up on your screen.
    Take Annabelle, for example. She’s an elderly hound mix at the SPCA. According to her little bio, “I was found lying in the road just too tired to go on. I know I still look worn out, but I’m just an older girl looking for a nice quiet place to lay my head. I’m getting plenty of rest here, but I’m no spring chicken. I’m very easy-going, as most hounds are…and very loving. Hounds are very loyal and we look great on any front porch. Occasionaly [sic] I will surprise you when I play with that pesky squeaky toy!”
    Me, I have a soft spot for the pit bulls. There are so many of them that have had such hard times, and yet their expressions still somehow remain happy and eager to please. Each one could be one of my Crystal’s siblings and, oy, I get teary just wishing I could take them all home with me. My landlord, unfortunately, might raise some objections.
    Instead, I offer this advice: If you don’t have the time to visit these tykes in person, do so on the Internet. One might just catch your eye and (I’m a total cheeseball, I know) change your life.