Day 33: While our bricks gently weep

Day 33: While our bricks gently weep

For those of you bricksters who don’t know, today is National Wear Red Day; a day when we are all encouraged to wear red to support awareness of women’s heart disease—the No. 1 killer of American women.

We here at Brick Watch think it goes without saying that clearly the bricks are quite concerned with women’s health. Not only are the old ones selflessly being replaced, making it safer for heel-wearing ladies on the Mall to walk around, but the new ones wear red—brick red, naturally—every day. Which is why, dear brickies, we found it appalling that one of these bricks could be so thoughtlessly discarded in a pile of ice, as BW discovered on our walk to work this morning. Below, the offending ice pile:

We rescued the brick—one of the new ones!—right away and brought it back to the C-VILLE office for some good old-fashioned TLC, then returned to the scene to document the conditions (seen above). New Brick is still pretty chilly, but the ice that was stuck to it at the scene has now melted:

No wonder the bricks are weeping! Perhaps you’ve noticed, but the new pavers have a white substance emitting from them in the colder temperatures. Director of Neighborhood Development Services Jim Tolbert tells us, "Younger bricks do it; they’re leaching minerals."

As you can see, it’s a sad day for bricks on the Downtown Mall. We’re not sure what to do with New Brick, but we certainly can’t release him back to those who abandoned him. Any suggestions, bricklovers?