Day 26: Free lunch!

Day 26: Free lunch!

Not for you, brickfans. For the construction crews!

Having recovered from our cold, Brick Watch was taking a lunchtime stroll this afternoon and what did we notice but nearly 50 construction workers seated in Enoteca for an end-of-month free lunch.

Weatherford estimates around 45 crew members
(out of 60) attended today’s lunch at Enoteca.

Says Barton Malow Project Manager Chris Weatherford (who also got in on the free nosh), The Nook suggested providing a midday meal for the crew and he agreed, looking to keep spirits up and morale high.

In fact, Weatherford says they’ll be having celebrations like this at the end of every month. In February, they’re planning on setting up a tent and holding a raffle. "We’ll be more organized about it next time," Weatherford says. Today’s event was sort of thrown together last minute and accomplished by word of mouth amongst crew members.

Weatherford offered Brick Watch our own plate, but we declined; we’re still pretty full from our brick chicken. Though, we have to say, the meal did look tasty: meatloaf with gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn. And we noticed someone with a side of fries. Happy eating, men.